Peter Andre raved about wife Emily’s very sweet Valentine’s Day gesture

Peter Andre raved about wife Emily's very sweet Valentine's Day gesture

Peter Andre raved about wife Emily’s very sweet Valentine’s Day gesture


Singer Peter Andre got a very special surprise from wife Emily on Valentine’s Day – and he’s still gushing about it

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Peter Andre says he was ‘scarred for life’ from childhood bullying

Peter Andre has revealed that his wife Emily made a sweet gesture to him on Valentine’s Day.

The 48-year-old mystery girl singer left with her family on a half-term ski vacation when the day of love came.

The doting father-of-four has revealed that even with the children with them on February 14, the couple still managed to celebrate and have the best time ever.

Write his new OK! Magazine column, Peter said: “Valentine’s Day is a time for us to be together, we get a little bit of each other, but the most special thing for me is the card Emily gave me.

Peter Andre and his wife Emily (


Keith Mayhew/SOPA Images/REX/Shutterstock) The couple celebrate Valentine’s Day with a family ski vacation

“Hidden 12 things you love about your partner as part of this beautiful card, she hid each one in a different place and I had to find them.”

Overwhelmed by her kindness, Pitt added: “It’s sweet, although I think it’ll be easier for her to find the 12 things she doesn’t like! Over time, we’ve all realised that Valentine’s Day is as special as you are Share it with your family.”

In recent days, the singer has shared his excitement as Australia finally opens its borders after two years.

As they run away, she surprises him (


Getty Images)

Growing up in Australia, Pete has been dreaming of a family reunion since the pandemic hit in March 2020.

After a difficult 24 months, he was finally able to reunite with them.

Following news that Australia is now opening its borders to travellers as Covid-19 restrictions are eased, Pete shared his joy on Instagram, exclaiming that he was “very happy” that he was finally able to be reunited with his beloved parents .

Sharing a breaking news article from the BBC, Peter gushed: “I’m fine, fine, fine, happy.”

The Australian government has imposed some of the toughest travel bans in the world following its March 2020 shutdown.

But now that borders are finally open again, more than 50 international flights are due to land on Monday.

Travellers can enter all states except Western Australia, which is closed until March 3 and requires three shots.

Tourists who have been double-thorned do not need to quarantine, but unvaccinated tourists must quarantine in hotels for up to 14 days at their own expense.

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