Perfect Valentine’s Day | Zoological Society of London (ZSL)

Perfect Valentine's Day | Zoological Society of London (ZSL)

Perfect Valentine’s Day | Zoological Society of London (ZSL)


ZSL London Zoo’s beloved pair of lions have been given a special Valentine’s Day surprise by supporters who bought them together.

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Hearts made from recycled fire hose and scented with Arya and Bhanu’s favourite spices adorn their Indian inspired ‘Land of the Lion’ home for big cats after receiving a gift from Liontrust, a supporter of ZSL Animals play.

The more curious of the two, Arya first discovers the new Valentine’s-inspired decorations, and sneaks up on the unsuspecting hanging objects. The more cautious Banu couldn’t resist the smell of cinnamon and soon began to enjoy rubbing his mane into the irresistible scent.

A long-time supporter of the zoo’s Asian lion pride and its international conservation projects, asset management firm Liontrust stepped in to help complete the final stages of a complex animal relocation plan to bring Arya to the London Zoo to meet her future mate Bhanu in 2021.

It is hoped that the two will breed in the future as part of the International Breeding Programme for Endangered Species, coordinated by big cat experts at EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums). However, Arya moved from Paignton Zoo until after the three females formerly living in London moved to their new home in Germany. Liontrust sponsored all four lions’ operations, including the creation of bespoke travel cases so that precious cargo can travel in maximum comfort.

Kathryn Sanders, big cat breeder at ZSL London Zoo, said: “Arya and Bhanu are very excited about Liontrust’s Valentine’s Day gift. Fire hydrant hearts are a huge bonanza for big cats, inspiring their natural curiosity, They love the scented surprises that decorate their Indian-inspired home.

“Liontrust helped us bring these two lions together last year and after careful introduction we have been monitoring all their interactions and we are delighted that these two lions have developed a very close bond – so we pray for the future!”

Corporate partners such as Liontrust enable ZSL to care for Asian lions like Arya and Bhanu, and support partners in India to protect these big cats in their last remaining wild habitat, the Gir Forest. This important contribution to funding enables ZSL to work towards creating a world where wildlife thrives. In return, ZSL’s corporate partners demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, conservation and education.

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