Perfect for Valentine’s Day Riding!

Perfect for Valentine's Day Riding!

Perfect for Valentine’s Day Riding!


With temperatures approaching 70° and plenty of sunshine, you couldn’t ask for more lovely weather this Valentine’s Day! For us, mid-February is usually a “big change” month as we start to head towards spring. From a meteorological point of view, winter is December-January-February, and winter is almost over! The battle between the cold and the warm could lead to intense storms (likely this Wednesday). Check out the changes we saw on Valentine’s Day:

From cold to warm, wet and snowy!

That 20 inches of snow resulted in some stunning photos of southeastern Texas, including downtown Houston:

Unique Valentine’s Day Snow

With 6,000 cattle dead in Chambers County, the snowstorm situation wasn’t all fun and games. Four years later, the arctic cold of 1899 hit the region, with temperatures of 10° in Houston and 14° in Beaumont. From Texas to Louisiana, Sabine Pass has stories of people freezing while skating! Well, Texans had roller skates in their closet in 1899? Here’s the Victoria Advocate’s story on both accounts.


Obviously, since last year, we have known what kind of winter the middle of February will bring. I just blogged about this last week.

The North Pole Blast for Valentine’s Day 2021

You may recall the Valentine’s Day 2017 tornado outbreak five years ago. Six tornadoes hit our southern county that morning, with numerous reports of damage:

Seven touchdowns from Walton to Stafford, Van Vleck to Sweeney

enjoy now

At least we’ll have a good few days this week. We’re heading into Wednesday with a tornado threat, especially in northern counties, before the storm moves east on Thursday. Currently the threat is low (bright green) in most of the region, but it does exist!

The risk is low, but it’s there!

Happy Valentine’s Day and have a safe week!


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