Our love can’t last Valentine’s Day

Our love can't last Valentine's Day

Our love can’t last Valentine’s Day


Praise a woman – wife and mom, and “salt and spice, and 94 percent of all good things.”

(Francisco Kjolseth | Salt Lake City Tribune) Marina Gomberg.

| February 18, 2022 at 2:00 pm

Maybe if I had planned better, this would have been a Valentine’s Day column. Although, maybe not. While our love is still expanding, February 14th was never really a holiday for my wife, Elenor, and I.

We don’t need a nudge to show our affection.

First of all, we have quite a few anniversaries: when we became husband and wife (17 years ago), when we had our commitment ceremony (about 13 years ago) and when we were legally married (8 years ago).

Secondly, one of Eleanor’s most delightful qualities is her unreserved expression of her love and adoration every day. Every. day.

Like, easy, Hallmark.

I’m obviously not shy either. After a medical procedure last week, my doctor reported that while I was under anesthesia, I was chattering about how lucky I was to have El by my side.

I have zero memory of this, but apparently even propofol can’t soothe the love.

It’s just that she pleases every fiber of mine. stupid fiber. intellectuals. Curious and quiet person. And those with rough edges.

I don’t know if I’m cynical or just weathered, but she – unlike most people – can still surprise me.

She remembers vague details and recalls them in perfect moments. She knew who the singer’s voice reminded me of, and all I could do was hum an off-key bar. For some reason, she’s still willing to sit through my doctor appointments, ER visits and procedures and always ask the best questions.

She is absolutely ridiculous.

Her ability to live already blew me away, and then she became a mom. She melted like a candle and formed the most perfect version of herself to cocoon our son Harvey. She constantly remodels herself to suit his light. I watched in awe.

She wants to be the first or only person to have a Bette Midler tattoo sleeve. She was angry because she couldn’t make herself like olives. Without any evidence to back it up, her impression was that she would be an Olympic-level snowboarder when she tried it for the first time.

Incredibly good.

My heroic grandmother Betty saw it right away. There were a lot of loud voices around her saying “gay” shouldn’t get married, but it was the kindness she saw in Eleanor’s eyes, and the joy I exuded when I was around Eleanor, that shaped Betty’s beliefs. Betty sits in the front row at the 2009 Commitment Ceremony.

Elenor inspires me to be a better person and cheers me on when I fail. She’s the thing I know best and the mystery I’ve always wanted to crack. She’s salt and spice, 94% good.

And she is mine.

On some days and all other days in February.

Marina Gomberg is a professional communicator, a practical optimist and a lover of love. She lives in Salt Lake City with his wife, Elenor Gomberg, and their son, Harvey. You can reach Marina in the following ways mgomberg@sltrib.com.

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Colonel Halvorson, Brother Gale or Candy Bomber, you may know him as a dear, we share…

Posted by Dieter F. Uchtdorf on Thursday, February 17th, 2022

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Later, in 1952, he and his family fled the then East Germany goes to West Germany.” ,”_id”:”6HMZBHZC2NAXZKPKORXUIJZJ7A”,”type”:”text”,”additional_properties”:”_id”:1645121376057,”comments”:[]”inline comment”:[], “Content”: “Members of Utah’s congressional delegation also paid tribute. Halvorson “embodies the defining characteristics of the Greatest Generation,” Sen. Mitt Romney tweeted. “Few Utahs embody humanity, compassion and community like Colonel Gail Halvorsen,” Senator Mike said. “”, “_id”: “FOVVIAVEV5GIJCIX6PDK3YGEHY”, “type”: “text”, “additional_properties”: “_id”: 1645121376058, “comment”:[]”inline comment”:[], “Content”: “Rep. Blackmore called him a “true American hero” who “demonstrated the best that we humans can give each other – kindness. Rep. Burgess Owens tweeted that Halvorson “was a true American hero who gave hope to millions and embodies the best of Utah.” side. Rep. Chris Stewart said “he inspired goodwill and hope in the world’s darkest hour.” “”,”_id”:”2HJ2PLNG4RAZHMIF7HBBJ2QF4A”,”type”:”text”,”additional_properties”:”_id”: 1645113608210,”Comments”:[]”inline comment”:[], “Content”: “Halferson grew up primarily in the northern Utah community of Garland and never fired a weapon or dropped a bomb in combat. He was a cargo pilot who became a kind of newcomer in the early U.S. American Heroes of the Cold War.”,”_id”:”M6TSHP2DNJAF3HJFG2GFBRFC74″,”type”:”text”,”additional_properties”:”_id”:1645108033052,”comments”:[]”inline comment”:[],”content”:”In 1948, Halvorsen’s gesture of goodwill contrasted with the Soviets starving the people of West Berlin by blocking ground and canal access.”,”_id”:”JJ6HSYEBPBCJPMOKDUY6HE4XLI” ,”type “:”text”,”additional_properties”:”_id”:1645108033053,”comments”:[]”inline comment”:[],”content”:””Candy bombers give us hope for better times,” Karin Edmond, a child in West Berlin during the lockdown, told the Bund Sentinel in 2014 Report.”,”_id”:”ZAXGOD3UFNFTZG62IPAQGS3UPI”,”type”:”text”,”additional_properties”:”_id”:1645108033054,”comments”:[]”inline comment”:[],”content”:”Edmond later moved to the US and has been the lead organizer of the reenactment since 1999, in which a plane dropped candy at children in Manteo, North Carolina”,”_id” :”BLZBNTQHOJG2ZL2UNSEMFUYYQQ”, “type”: “text”, “additional properties”: “_id”: 1645108033055, “comment”:[]”inline comment”:[], “Content”: “Reenactments helped Halvorsen’s story spread across continents and generations. In 1949, he participated in a reenactment over Salt Lake City; Plane throwing candy to children in war-torn Kosovo.”,”_id”:”6KGKPVCRZFGBPMLAH4MJFUFGBI”,”type”:”text”,”additional_properties”:”_id”:1645108033056,”comments”:[]”inline comment”:[], “Content”: “Halferson, who continues to wear his olive uniform and aviator wings decades after retirement, has a special reputation in Utah for his humanitarian exploits that match his reputation as the world’s most famous The status of one of the Latter-day Saints is intertwined.”,”_id”:”D3GU2BYLXJC6JL4HMFECOWCCQ4″,”type”:”text”,”additional_properties”:”_id”:1645108033057,”comments”:[]”inline comment”:[], “Content”: “He appeared on the 2012 Christmas program with the Tabernacle Choir in Temple Square. In his 90s, Halvorson was in the film “Meet the Mormons” produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Fly the plane -day Saints.”,”_id”:”ZDM6SSHTHREKFHHSPRWWHRIGMM”,”type”:”text”,”additional_properties”:”_id”:1645108033058,”comments”:[]”inline comment”:[],”content”: “There are worldly manifestations too. Halvorsen attended naturalization ceremonies. He spoke at school in Utah – using his story as an example – how students can make a difference in the lives of others.”,{ “_id “:”XZE2AJCLDRCNBCL7T52ADQCBDE”,”additional_properties”:”has_published_copy”:true,”owner”:”rmolenda@sltrib.com”,”published”:true,”restricted”:false,”version”:10,”role” :[],”_id”:”52WFK3TNYJHORNSJTB5VQHUWEA”,”Comments”:[],”canonical_url”:”/gallery/2019/06/12/howard-nielson”,”canonical_website”:”sltrib”,”created_date”:”2019-06-12T21:01:33Z”,”credits”: “go through”:[],”description”:”basic”:””,”display_date”:”2019-06-12T21:01:33Z”,”first_publish_date”:”2019-06-12T21:01:33Z”,”headlines” :”basic”:”‘Candy Bomber’ Gail Halvorsen”,”last_updated_date”:”2022-02-17T18:19:11Z”,”owner”:”id”:”sltrib”,”sponsored”:false ,”promo_items”:{“basic”:{“_id”:”BIUNQUEEYBBZRIZRGQDZBGZL54″,”additional_properties”:”fullSizeResizeUrl”:”/resizer/CDl4Scetimaip3Kp1CDYooLX9b4=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-sltrib/public/BIUNQUEEYBBZRIZRGQDZBGZL54 JPG”,”Gallery”:[],”galleryOrder”:0,”ingestionMethod”:”manual”,”keywords”:[“”],”mime_type”:”image/jpeg”,”originalName”:”Gail Halvorsen 07.JPG”,”originalUrl”:”https://cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/sltrib/BIUNQUEEYBBZRIZRGQDZBGZL54. 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