Olivia Culpo in Swimsuit Says “Happy Valentine’s Day” – Celebwell

Olivia Culpo in Swimsuit Says "Happy Valentine's Day" - Celebwell

Olivia Culpo in Swimsuit Says “Happy Valentine’s Day” – Celebwell


Olivia Culpo loves her boyfriend Christian McCaffrey very much. On Monday, the actress and influencer celebrated Love Day by sharing a photo of herself in a white swimsuit hugging her NFL star boyfriend on the beach. “My best friend ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day baby,” she said hoping the Carolina Panthers would run back. How does this 29-year-old maintain her incredible fit? Read on for Olivia Culpo’s 5 best tips for staying in shape and photos that prove they work – and get yourself beach ready, don’t miss out on these must-have 30 of the best celebrity swimsuit photos of all time!

Like many stars, Olivia eats healthy most of the time. “I stick to the 80-20 rule,” she told Hamptons Magazine about her diet. “I’m really fine 80 percent of the time, and then 20 percent of the time I let myself eat, not just casually, but a little bit more indulgently, I guess you can say that.” She added in Women’s Health that she Focus on eating healthy fiber and protein throughout the day, starting the morning with coffee with oat milk and a bowl of fruit, avocado toast, and egg whites, followed by a salad for lunch. “I love chicken and any vegetables with miso vinaigrette.”

Olivia believes that moving a little every day can prevent weight loss. That’s why she created a 20-minute cardio challenge on social media. “It’s basically 20 minutes of cardio at any pace you want. I’ve been doing this with my followers, encouraging them to join the challenge and do whatever feels right for 20 minutes, ‘ she explained. What makes it so great? “It doesn’t feel too overwhelming,” the star explained, and it’s an easy way to move. “It’s over before you know it.” df44d9eab23ea271ddde7545ae2c09ec

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Olivia also relies on P.volve workouts, a low-impact method using portable equipment that can be done anytime, anywhere. “The P.volve workout is great for me because I travel a lot,” she told Shape. “With a 3-pound ankle weight, 2-pound free weight, and tons of elastic, you can use them in different ways.”

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Olivia recommends carrying healthy snacks with you to avoid indulging in junk food. “I’m obsessed with nuts,” she revealed to Women’s Health. She also mixes nuts with candy. “I need energy on set, so I love raisins and chocolate,” she explained.

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Olivia emphasizes the importance of being consistent with any exercise program. “I’ve noticed that being consistent with exercise is very important,” she told Shape. “I think it’s very easy for people to go through a very intense workout phase and then they quit.” That’s why exercise is a daily activity for her. “I try to stay as active as possible with low-intensity, high-intensity workouts so I can stay steady and not wake up one day and realize it’s been two weeks and I haven’t worked out.”

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