Offset Showered Cardi B with Chanel Bags for Valentine’s Day

Celebrity sightings in Paris - October 1, 2021

Offset Showered Cardi B with Chanel Bags for Valentine’s Day


Celebrity sightings in Paris - October 1, 2021

Celebrity sightings in Paris – October 1, 2021

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Cardi B’s husband made sure he had it ready for Valentine’s Day. To celebrate the day of love, Offset sent Cardi B on a treasure hunt at her Los Angeles home in search of her gift, where she scoured hallways filled with displays of rose petals, candles and heart-shaped roses. In the end, the “Influencer” rapper found six beautiful Chanel purses.

Cardi was amazed by every find, especially the red and black sequined Chanel clutch, which Offset points out is not available in the US

I bought that in Dubai,” he said proudly.

Her other bags include an oversized black oversized Chanel shopper, a small powder blue vanity case and a classic flap bag in turquoise, bright pink and beige.

“I know you like big bags—I have to get you a big bag,” Offset added as he unveiled the oversized shopping bag.

This extravagant display of love is a lot for a mother of two.

“I love him. You all feel sad because I don’t know how to receive so much love,” she said. “Baby, I don’t know how to accept all this love.”

Offset earned him $375,000 with an Audemars Piguet watch.

The lovebirds, who have been married for four years, recently got matching tattoos during Cardi B’s Facebook Live show. cady try, But there is a problem. They visit a tattoo parlor, but the tattoo artist is not the one who gives them new ink. Instead, they tattooed each other. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, they got their wedding date tattooed.

Cardi B and Offset have come a long way. After filing for two divorces and welcoming two children, the Bronx spittle says she’s the happiest she’s ever been.

“We went through some challenges,” she told E!information“I feel like, not even just the marriage, but our family and the unity and the friendships we have. ‘I have your back and you have mine. Never been stronger.'”

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