Nutrition Center Crowns Kings and Queens on Valentine’s Day – The Troy Messenger

Nutrition Center Crowns Kings and Queens on Valentine's Day - The Troy Messenger

Nutrition Center Crowns Kings and Queens on Valentine’s Day – The Troy Messenger


Troy Nutrition Center participants happily celebrated Valentine’s Day 2022 together.

Centre office manager Jessica Cox said Centre attendees have been looking forward to the fun and excitement of Valentine’s Day and the holidays.

“Today is a special day for all of us, and it will be the most memorable day for our Valentine 2022 King and Queen,” Cox said. “Our participants voted for who they want to rule the Troy Nutrition Center for the year, so being King and Queen of Valentine is a real honor.”

Participants at the Nutrition Center welcomed Troy Mayor Jason A. Reeves to the center as the coronation host.

“I’m honored to be here today and proud that Troy seniors have a free place to enjoy each other in such a special place,” Reeves said.

Reeves said he joined city government in 1996, so he was “playing with this stuff almost half the time.”

Reeves said he has watched the city’s nutrition program grow from a small facility in the Dunbar Housing Project area to the basement of a high-level complex to the standout facility it is today.

He thanked Cox and the Nutrition Center staff for their commitment to providing outstanding programs and service to the participants they serve.

“It has been the privilege of my life to serve all of you,” Reeves said. “I am honored to be here today to crown the 2022 Troy Nutrition Center King and Queen.”

Nutrition Centre participants vote for their royal couple, so it is a high honor to be the Centre’s Lover King and Queen.

Cox has announced Mary Daniels as Queen and Jimmy Dixon as King for Valentine’s Day 2022.

Daniels, who has been the Queen of Valentine’s Day before, enjoyed the experience so much that she “fought for it this time.”

“And, I’m also running for Jimmy,” she said with a laugh. “He’s a great guy and I want him to be king and I’m glad he is.”

Dixon said he had never been king before, but he liked the idea.

King Jimmy and Queen Mary declare that all their subjects are healthy and happy during their reign. “And for all of us, love each other too.”

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