Not the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts in a Chocolate Box

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Not the Best Valentine's Day Gifts in a Chocolate Box

Not the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts in a Chocolate Box


The problem with chocolate boxes is that they never have enough of the chocolate you want. Sure, the caramel covered in dark chocolate is delicious, but you only receive two and then have to wade through a white chocolate monster or an orange filling that tastes like battery sour. Valentine’s Day is supposed to make you cringe at how much you love your partner, friends and family, not how disgusting the chocolates you receive.

Therefore, we recommend purchasing food and beverage related gifts that are not mystery chocolate boxes. Some people prefer savory to sweet, others may like to reinterpret their chocolate in a new, tastier way. Regardless, here are some great Valentine’s Day gifts worth giving this year.

For the fourth year in a row, Grillo’s Pickles is selling pickle bouquet kits for you to assemble for a loved one. This goes for all the pickle guys and girls who aren’t excited about flowers but definitely appreciate some salty spears. The kit comes with kebabs, Grillo’s bucket vase, some plastic floral fillers, and assembly instructions. You can season it with mozzarella balls, salami roses, and other pickled things to really take it to the next level.

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Maybe it’s not as pretty as a fancy chocolate strawberry box, but it’ll be just as – if not more – delicious. This pudding features roasted strawberries, chunks of chocolate cake, and a loaf of chocolate fudge frosting, all suspended in a vanilla pudding base. It’s impossible to eat just one bite. Magnolia Bakery’s Chocolate Strawberry Pudding is available throughout February, but February 11 is the last day you can order online to ensure delivery before Valentine’s Day.

Spice it up with Omsom’s Heat Lover’s Set, featuring the brand’s beloved line of appetizers to help your lover make lard, spicy salad, spicy roast and pad kra pow. This gift even comes with a bonus: spending time cooking together for a truly delicious meal that will make you forget the stress of booking for Valentine’s Day. The box includes 13 appetizers in total – enough for 26 meals. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Nothing will warm your lover’s heart more than this collection of love-themed teas from David’s Tea. The set comes in a lovely red box decorated with hearts and includes a blend of five loose leaf teas such as Pink Velvet Cake, Cherry Blossom and Cinnamon Rooibos. Plus, it’s still February, which means it’s cold outside. Every time they go to make a cup of tea, they think of you.

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Heart-shaped pizzas are an obvious choice these days, but what about heart-shaped pretzels? Take home the heart-shaped twist from the Milwaukee Pretzel Company, which ships nationwide. You can choose from pretzels that weigh just a pound or a gift set with nacho cheese and Nutella dipping cups.

This vinegar, sourced from Italy, pairs the rich flavor of balsamic vinegar with the rich flavor of chocolate and complements a fresh fruit or berry salad. Here’s a more creative and versatile chocolate that the food lovers in your life will love.

If you don’t know your lover well, Sugarwish is a good choice. What are their go-to candies? Do they like coffee or tea? That’s okay, because this option allows the recipient to choose what they like best — whether it’s candy, popcorn, treats, or a dog Valentine’s Day gift.Better than gift cards and Recipients will get what they want.

For a last-minute gift you can pick up at any Target, choose a hot chocolate bomb made by in-house brand Favorite Day. You can buy strawberry rosettes in packs of three that taste like Nesquik strawberry milk, or heart-shaped raspberry-flavored bombs. Both are filled with mini marshmallows and cute confetti that overflow when melted.

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Trying the hot lineup can be a really fun idea for Valentine’s Day at home (although be careful with your eyes if you’re eating chicken wings and your hands are covered in sauce). This set contains 10 hot sauces from Season 17 of the hit First We Feast interview show, ranging in flavors from mildly sweet to bottled volcanic lava. It’s a spicy and bold gift, but probably better than a boring box of chocolates.

spread Valentine’s love is a bit of a jam this year (sorry). This adorable gift set offers the vibe of an advent calendar, but instead of hard-shell chocolate, behind each hidden compartment is a mini jar filled with apricots, cherries, figs, grapes, honey, marmalade, raspberries, strawberries or wild Blueberry Jam. This will keep breakfast and English muffins exciting throughout February.

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