No Way Home celebrates Valentine’s Day with new promotional video

Spider-Man No Way Home Valentine's Day

No Way Home celebrates Valentine’s Day with new promotional video


Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go After months of anticipation and speculation, the film hit theaters in record numbers over the holiday season. With Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield finally returning to their Spider-Man roles, there’s no denying that the multiverse blockbuster has lived up to expectations. But in addition to all the surprising roles, this solo film also proves that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is a game-changer.

Not only did the MCU hero dive into the wizarding world for the first time, cementing his secret identity once again, but all memory of his existence was wiped out across the universe. With all of Peter’s remaining friends and other heroes forgetting his existence, Spider-Man will have a hard time moving on.


But for him, there is no more difficult day than Valentine’s Day, because Zendaya’s MJ has forgotten his existence, he is single now, and there is no one to celebrate this romantic holiday with. Still, Spider-Man appears to be energized on the day as he wishes fans a happy Valentine’s Day in a new promotional video.

happy valentines day from spiderman

Sony Pictures Japan’s official Twitter account celebrates Valentine’s Day with new promotional video Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go, Displays a webhead that matches the heart-shaped fireworks exploding in the background.

Spider-Man No Way Home Valentine's DaySony Pictures

The full promotional video can be viewed below:


Sony also celebrates 2022 with Spider-Man-centric promotion There is no way home, Happy New Year to fans.

Spider-Man’s love story continues

Marvel’s iconic Wall Climber may have some of the most famous love stories in the comics genre, from marrying Mary Jane to watching Gwen Stacy die in his arms. But with memories of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker disappearing from the world, one can only imagine that he may not have had the happiest Valentine’s Day celebration.

Peter is only with Jordan at the last minute far from home before being forced to separate on the same christmas no way home, so it’s a sad realization that the happy couple never celebrated Valentine’s Day together. Although, this year’s occasion seemed to mark Holland’s first Valentine’s Day celebration with co-star and real-life girlfriend Zendaya.


Who knows what the future holds for Peter Parker’s love life entering his second MCU trilogy. Will he overcome Doctor Strange’s spell and reunite with MJ? Is Gwen Stacy’s introduction coming? Or will the famous cat thief Black Cat steal his heart?

Tom Holland doesn’t appear to have renewed his superhero contract, leaving his Marvel future up in the air, so it may be a while before fans get the answers they’ve been waiting for on his fourth solo outing.

but now, Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go Showing in theaters around the world. What better Valentine’s Day date?


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