New Year greeting card ideas for 2022

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New Year greeting card ideas for 2022

New Year greeting card ideas for 2022

2021 has finally come to an end! The past year has been a great ride that was filled with surprises and shocks. All of us had our share of joy, sorrows, love and animosity. After a year of smiles, tears, laughter, health, sickness and most importantly, another year of the pandemic, we are finally entering 2022. The New Year, although seemingly a harbinger of another wave of the pandemic, marks the start of another year which is a storehouse of new opportunities and new beginnings and can turn out be as good as you wish to make it.

What better way to convey the best of your wishes and spread cheer in your loved ones’ lives than greeting cards? Adding a personal touch to your creativity and warm wishes, here are some of the best ideas for you for greeting cards that will make your and your loved ones’ day!

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Marbled stationary cards

It is a different and extremely unique way to create gifts for your loved ones. Did you know that you can create the look of marble on paper by using a combination of shaving cream and food coloring? Yes, it is an easy and exciting way of creating the cover of your greeting card and adding your wishes to complete the look.

A New Year scroll
Instead of opting for the regular rectangular folded greeting card format, you can use this not exactly new but unique format to convey your heartiest wishes to your near and dear ones. Cutting out a vertical paper and rolling it into a cylindrical form to tie it up with a ribbon will give you the desired effect. The scroll can act as a list of the things that you wish for your loved one this upcoming year.

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Pop up card
These cards were a rage back in the age and are easy to make yourself. You just have to cut out the wish written on a rectangular piece of paper and paste it on the card by sticking one end on the left page and the other on the right page. This way the wish will pop up when the recipient opens the card.

Pressed flower card
Yes, you’re thinking on the right track! Pluck a flower and press it on a sheet of paper and watch yourself create a masterpiece right there. These cards aren’t just aesthetic but also a great way of gifting two things at once!

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Washi tape cards
Beautiful and cheap, washi tapes can light up any piece of paper you want them to. You can use the tapes for the borders of the card or for creating other pictures like candles and lanterns by cutting out their shapes.

Balloon string card
You can use a shoelace or a thread that can be used as a balloon string. The cover of the card would be the cut out of a balloon and a shoelace can be used for the string which will give a three dimensional effect to your card and add to its beauty.

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