Mothers Day Jokes • Best Dad Jokes

Mothers Day Jokes • Best Dad Jokes

Mothers Day Jokes • Best Dad Jokes

Mothers are precious, they look after us, they care for us, and they know what’s best for us. Mothers day is a special time for us to show our moms how much we love them, and care for them – after all they cared for us for a long time! So with that in mind, grab one of these mothers day jokes, and give your mom a wonderful mothers day.

A pregnant woman gets into a car accident and falls into a deep coma for six months. After she wakes up she sees she is no longer pregnant. Freaking out a little, she says to the doctor ‘what happened to my baby?’

Doctor: You had twins, a baby boy and a baby girl! Your brother is looking after them now.

Woman: Oh dear not my hillbilly brother! What did he name them?

Doctor: He named the girl ‘Denise’

Woman: Oh okay, that’s not too bad I don’t mind Denise. What did he call the boy?


Why did the mother needle got mad at the baby needle?
It was way past its threadtime!

Hey dad, what’s a sweater?
Something you wear when your mother gets cold.

Hey! Stop! Kid! Why on earth did you chop the joke book in half?
Mom said to cut the comedy.

Mother teaching her child how to sew…
Don’t worry son, sewing isn’t as hard as it seams.
But by the looks of it you needle the help you can get!

Once you start crochet you’ll be hooked in no time.

A child runs into his mother’s room in a panic over work due for school the next day.

Mom: Let me fix you something – would you want some tea to calm down?
Me: Yes, thanks mom that would be great.
Mom: Okay, I’ll just put on some CALMomile.

One early morning, a mother woke up her son in a rush, “Wake up, son! It’s time to get going to school!”
Son: “But why mom? I don’t want to go to school today.”
Mom: “Give me two good reasons why you shouldn’t go to school today.”
Son: “Well, one – the kids hate me. And two, the teachers hate me!”
Mom: “Oh, those aren’t reasons not to go to school. Get up now and get ready, you’re running late.”
Son: “If they’re not reasons, then YOU give me two reasons why I should go.”
Mom: “Well, one – you’re 52 years old. And two, you’re the Principal!”

Image by JD Hancock

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