Monarchs share Valentine’s Day favorites

Monarchs share Valentine's Day favorites

Monarchs share Valentine’s Day favorites


NORFOLK, Va. — Love overflowed Monday as people took time to express their gratitude to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

Many people have their own preferences for Valentine’s Day gifts and date ideas, and Old Dominion men’s basketball is no exception.

What kind of gifts does each monarch like?

“Kalu Ezikpe: “I guess some chocolate. Some chocolate, nothing crazy. “

Jaylin Hunter: “Just the money. Yes, it’s a great gift.”

AJ Oliver: “I’m pretty simple. I just love sitting at home, watching a few movies, TV shows and ordering pizza. Just being with that guy.”

Between sweethearts, a box of chocolates and chocolate-covered strawberries, which one does each player prefer?

Ezikpe: “Probably a box of chocolates. Definitely a box of chocolates.”

Oliver: “Definitely a box of chocolates. Keep it simple. I love chocolate. Since I was 18 I started to prefer chocolate, so anything chocolate related.”

Hunter: “Chocolate covered strawberries. I ate those this Valentine’s Day.”

Where does every monarch date on Valentine’s Day?

Ezikpe: “I’ll probably go all out. Maybe buy her some shoes, a rose, some flowers, some chocolates.”

Hunter: “If it was my choice, I’d like to go to amusement parks. Those are the funniest. My girls love going to amusement parks or something, so that would be my ideal date.”

Oliver: “You gotta start early. Make them breakfast early in the morning. Tell them to come over and make them whatever they want. Then for lunch we might go to a nice place, something simple but a little established Look forward to it. Then take them to dinner around five to see what movie they want to see.”

Has a monarch ever made a Valentine’s Day faux pas?

Oliver: “Coronavirus year. So many different restaurants have a certain amount of seating, so once the day comes, it’s like, ‘Oh, sorry. We overbooked you,’ and I’m like, what do I do now.”

Finally, can the monarchs guess how many holiday cards there are each year?

Ezikpe: “Probably between 5 and 7 million.”

Hunter: “It should be 20 million.”

Oliver: “Over 60 to 75 million.”

Oliver is the closest. According to Hallmark, approximately 145 million greeting cards are sold each Valentine’s Day, making it the second-largest exchange of greeting cards after Christmas.

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