Meet the Bristol baker who makes the cutest Valentine’s Day treats

Valentine's Bake at Najmo

Meet the Bristol baker who makes the cutest Valentine’s Day treats


February is here, which means Valentine’s Day is almost here.

Lovers’ Day is celebrated in many different ways around the world, including gifts.

Many people spend the day reliving their favorite couple memories, or visiting their favorite restaurants and lovingly sharing dishes and drinks, but thoughtful gifts can be the icing on the cake.

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This Bristol baker is creating romantic treats to make any couples day as sweet as possible.

Najmo Hussein has been baking since she was 17 years old, however, she really started taking her love of making cakes seriously in June 2020 through her business “Najmo Bakes”.

“In the summer of 2020, when the lockdown was around, I got more involved with decorating the cake. After some positive feedback and encouragement from others, I started to take it more seriously and started to really enjoy it,” she told Bristol Live.

The self-taught baker said: “I’ve always loved watching cake decorating videos, and my mom always baked cakes when I was a kid. Those two things inspired me to really start making my own.”

Her business has become hugely popular since she started, and Najmo has been booked to create edible masterpieces – from children’s themed birthday cakes to tiered wedding cakes.

“I love making all kinds of different cakes, from elegant looking to fun kids’ cakes. Kids’ cakes are probably my favorite decoration because I’m able to express myself more creatively,” she says.

Najmo makes a range of children’s cakes featuring unicorns, dinosaurs and various cartoon characters.

Valentine's Bake at Najmo

Valentine’s Day merchandise at Najmo (Image: BristolLive)

This is the second year that Bristol bakers have launched a special series for 14 February. This year, the offerings include exquisite chocolate strawberries in a variety of flavors, perfectly decorated in heart-shaped boxes.

In addition to this, you can also gift your loved one a personalized “heartbreak box” made entirely of chocolate, which can even hide a special gift.

Although the baker is fully booked for Valentine’s Day, she shared that it’s not her busiest time of year. “Valentine’s Day is busy though. Eid al-Fitr is usually my busiest time of the year as cakes tend to be a very popular choice when celebrating Eid,” she said.

Hussain is also offering a special collection dedicated to Islamic celebrations – her collection last year included specially made boxes containing cupcakes, cookies and a bottle of zam zam water said to be sacred to the Muslim community.

Najmo has never had any formal baking training, but says “my inspiration comes mainly from various cake decorators on all social media platforms, mainly Instagram and TikTok” and she plans to continue to find inspiration and create incredible cakes Baking with confidence.

You can follow Najmo Bakes on Instagram for more of her impressive work, but be prepared to starve.

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