‘Marry Me’ wins Valentine’s Day, ‘Spider-Man’ surpasses ‘Avatar’

'Marry Me' wins Valentine's Day, 'Spider-Man' surpasses 'Avatar'

‘Marry Me’ wins Valentine’s Day, ‘Spider-Man’ surpasses ‘Avatar’


Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson in Marry Me, Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Nowhere

Universal and Sony

marry me At least one day is the highest-grossing film in the country. The Jennifer Lopez/Owen Wilson film about a world-renowned musician who marries a random fan during a live concert makes $3.04 million on Valentine’s Day, making it a four-day total reached $10.99 million. That’s 109% higher than Sunday’s $1.452 million, and the old-school Hollywood rom com got a noticeable (and expected) boost from the unofficial holiday. That didn’t make it a dramatic hit, Mother’s Day When it became a hot topic in 2016 Mother’s Day From the first Sunday ($2.24 million) to the second Sunday ($5.643 million), it was up 152%, and the second weekend was up 32% overall. The Julia Roberts/Jennifer Aniston/Kate Hudson ensemble still made $32 million domestically and $48 million globally on a $25 million budget.

Likewise, when Selma In 2015, Martin Luther King Day, the second Monday and 11th day, was widely released and made $5 million, but that didn’t make or break Ava DuVernay’s biopic. The Oscar-winning show earned $67 million worldwide on a $20 million budget. halloween By the time it made $5.5 million on day 13 (Oct 31, 2018), it had already made $137 million.The hottest movies for Valentine’s Day last year were Primitives: New Age $864,895.However, the top movies for February 14, 2020 are Sonic the Hedgehog It made $20.9 million on opening day. It’s also the third anniversary “anniversary” Alita: Battle Angel’s $8.7 million on opening day.Biggest V-Day gross remains $42 million Day 3/Sunday gross dead Pool 2016.

Universal claims the film also topped Friday and Saturday’s Peacock (no word yet on days three and four). The movie still plays on theatrically like a low-level Jennifer Lopez star car. fraud is an exception, but Act II ($35 million, $6.5 million debut in December 2018) and boy next door ($35 million from a $15 million debut in early 2015) More common. The movie only cost $23 million, and I’m guessing the money was exchanged on the peacock deal, so the movie obviously doesn’t need to break records to break even.Alas, Disney and the 20th Century death on the nile Made $2.6 million on Monday for a four-day total of $15.5 million. All hope for Kenneth Branagh’s $90 million all-star murder mystery lies overseas.

Sony’s Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go It made $1.615 million Monday, bringing its domestic revenue to $760.99 million. That surpassed James Cameron’s unadjusted domestic income of $760.5 million. Avatar (Calculating the summer 2010 reprint).That makes Tom Holland’s MCU sequel the third-biggest domestic box office of all time, behind only Avengers: Endgame ($858 million in 2018) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($937 million in 2015/2016). It’s easy to argue that the film may have challenged both of those absent Covid variables, but frankly I think it’s actually been the only event in town for the past two months, so it’s doing well. It’s going to be a big hit in the regular July 2021 non-Covid timeline, but it won’t have Christmas legs and an almost complete lack of competition.

We’ll see Tom Holland’s Uncharted territory It may also slightly outperform expectations as it becomes the next court-designated “big movie for young audiences” product. In non-Covid times, I think the version Sony releases will be DOA, while Occom’s Razor may still apply.However, it is possible, such as Godzilla vs.King Kong, free man and dune, due to scarcity, the video game adaptation will be a much bigger event than starting fishing as another possible franchise in a traditionally sized IP-centric pond. As for Spiderman, no way home Adjusted for inflation, it is now the 24th largest GDP, with 1/3 ( star wars sequels, Disney cartoons, etc.) are only higher for reprints.It is the top 10 no reprint of any content published since then jaw 1975.

As some extraordinary weekend-to-weekend events take place, there is an outside opportunity, Spider-Man 3 Version 2.0 Will be $783 million in adjusted revenue Postgraduate ($105 million in 1967), but whether it goes well above $1.8 billion globally will depend on an unexpected release from China.Of course, just because it will eventually come to China doesn’t mean it will far from home– Level ($199 million in 2019) gross box office even homecominglevel ($116 million in 2017) earnings.Honestly, if I were Chinese, I would let spiderman 3 and Venom 2 ($505 million to date) Mobius. What better way to stick with Disney than to let Sony’s Marvel movies overwhelm Disney’s MCU offerings? Yes, Disney is getting funding from Spider-Man movies, too, but it would be a symbolic gesture to have films that aren’t quite MCU soar beyond the Mouse House movies.

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