Married for 62 years before husband died

Married for 62 years before husband died

Married for 62 years before husband died


LAKE CHARLES, Louisiana (KPLC) — Valentine’s Day is usually tough for those who have lost it, but one resident of Gardens and Guardians Home, an assisted living facility, is honoring her late husband this Valentine’s Day , it has been nearly 8 years since he passed.

Mary met Kenneth Holland through a mutual friend in February 1952, and that night he offered to send her home.

“We sat on the doorstep and we talked and talked until he had to fly away. He came back the next night, same thing. He would be on a flight every night unless he was on a flight somewhere. Come with me to my room,” Mary Holland said.

This is a once in a lifetime love. Mary said from the moment she met Kenneth, she knew he was the man. Before long, they tied the knot. The next month, March 31, 1952, they were married.

The couple travels frequently and have three children together. Their two sons and one daughter both work in law enforcement.

Kenneth spent a lot of time away from home in the Air Force, but when they were able to be together, that time was precious.

“It was the happiest time of our lives…when he came home, it was the happiest time of our lives,” Mary said.

The two had been married for 62 years before Kenneth’s death in 2014.

“If we had a disagreement, we always made a point…if I realized I was wrong, I would apologize to him, and if he was wrong, he would apologize to me,” Mary said. “He never left the house without kissing me.”

She described her relationship with Kenneth as being very good and said they never went to bed angry.

She said she wouldn’t change a thing if she could do it all over again.

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