Luxurious gifts for men on any budget

Luxurious gifts for men on any budget

Luxurious gifts for men on any budget


Coach Udele slides for their Valentine’s Day series.

Provided by the coach

Are you having trouble picking a gift for that person in your life on Valentine’s Day? Or do you want to spread love, not coronavirus, to loved ones in your life? Either way, a new luxury accessory or fine gift fabric shows that you love someone enough to care about their convenience and quality of life – just a little more. You can stay in moderation and give someone a thoughtful project that resonates with them, or skip the budget and splurge on someone you care about.

Not every luxury item comes from a brand we know, and often not what we usually think of. Handcrafted, 1-of-1, recycled materials, new designs and aesthetics, it may take a seasoned eye for style to notice this difference between fast-fashion and luxury-inspired products. Fashion has changed over the past two decades, and even the fast fashion market has positioned itself as more premium, greener, and more sophisticated than typical brands.

Today, menswear and lifestyle products are more sophisticated and inspiring consumers. Luxury comes from streetwear aesthetics, sustainable materials, locally designed jewelry, wellness products, and even thoughtful purchases that may change your daily habits and environment. After years of the pandemic, having an uncomfortable time at home and at home, luxury should be given. The finer material is a mind-boosting aesthetic that facilitates participants and those around them.

Here are some gift ideas for quality living and efficiency. These items are supposed to make life more interesting.

Luis Steven Medium Laptop Bag 15″ – Midnight Blue Pebble: $595

Courtesy of Louis Steven

Luis Steven Medium Laptop Bag 15″ – Midnight Blue Pebbles: $595

Designer label Luis Steven crafts high-quality pebble leather imported from Italy into well-constructed handbags that can hold all your belongings, big or small. Laptop bag holds up to 15″ devices, comes in rainbow colors and is lined in natural suede. Vertically oriented “briefcase style” leather backpacks are versatile in your choice of carrying style. Featuring nickel zippers and hardware, this backpack features concealable shoulder straps for a clean, professional look. A bag like this is great for travel, as well as those days when you go to the office.

Strange Love lostinflowers 15ml fragrance: $195

Courtesy of Strange Love

Stronge Love lostinflowers 15ml fragrance: $195

An alluring neutral Agarwood fragrance blended with intense and uniquely rare ingredients. The Lost Flower Blend is part of this new scent, an intoxicating scent with a strong floral essence. Lostinflowers draws inspiration from jasmine, the euphoria of champagne, the enchanting power of gardenia and the richness of saffron. Led by creative director and former supermodel Helena Christensen, Strang Love fragrance is the fragrance you can spice up your relationship.

TijN Wiley sneakers: $63

provided by TijN

TijN Wiley Sneakers: $63

TIJN is an eco-label using sustainable processes and materials. 95% of the shoe collection uses vegan leather, while the Walkon shoe collection is produced from recycled materials. The Wiley shoe is a casual yet sophisticated shoe to wear at an affordable price, crafted from a soft, breathable recycled knit.

M Jewelers Daylight Bracelet (Alexander Roth X The M) 75 – $100.00

Courtesy of M Jewelers

The M Jewelers The Daylight Bracelet (Alexander Roth x The M) $75-$100

A collaboration with model, artist, photographer and influencer Alexander Roth, the M Jewelers Daylight Bracelet is available in 14 karat sterling or sterling silver. The pearls set in the links give the bracelet a softer personality than the full gold link wristlets we are used to for men. The cache behind this brand comes straight from the streets of New York; starting in the Diamond District and now with a new flagship store in Soho.

Hylete Circuit II Echo Cross Trainer: $130

provided by Hylete

Hylete Circuit II Echo Cross Trainer: $130

These sneakers are designed with high shock absorption and “energy return” for extra power with every step. The Circuit II Echo Cross-Trainer is a science-driven performance-enhancing footwear that increases the return on your workout and health investment. It’s breathable and lightweight, with two interchangeable sockliners for extra cushioning for high-intensity workouts. Hylete focuses solely on fitness apparel and designs with input from their health-conscious community.

Sondér New York Monogram sweatshirt: $75

Courtesy of Sondér New York

Sondér New York Monogram Sweatshirt: $75

Made from 100% French terry cotton, the minimal logo design and deep red are perfect for Valentine’s Day when you’re planning to eat out. Born in the Big Apple, Sonder New York offers a minimal aesthetic for sophisticated streetwear lovers.

Shinesty The Darcy – Cream Ball Hammock Bag Underwear: $25.99

Provided by Shiny

Shinesty The Darcy – Cream Ball Hammock Pack Underwear: 25.99

Shinesty underwear brand is an elegant brief. Using patented technology, they designed The Ball Hammock Underwear collection to be comfortable, breathable and non-stick. These underwear are smooth to the touch and should spice up your Valentine’s night.

LAKE Men’s Navy Bamboo Lounge Pants: $74

Courtesy of Lake

LAKE Men’s Navy Bamboo Lounge Pants: $74

LAKE Pajamas has great nighttime options for your comfort and comfort with your significant other. The navy blue bamboo slacks are made from 95% bamboo and 5% spandex for maximum comfort. Bamboo is perfect for your skin and won’t trap any leg hairs when you wear it. Founded by the duo in 2014, LAKE is one-size-fits-all designed to elevate loungewear and sleepwear.

Ele Keats Emerald Divinity 2,54 carats: $2,800

Courtesy of Ele Keats

Ele Keats Emerald Divinity 2.54 ct: $2,800

Ele Keats started her eponymous label in 2004 when she was 17 on a spiritual journey with her mother and sister. Born in Paris, Keats grew up on both sides of Europe and America, and when she was about to fall in love, she lived in Europe and loved the tools of her friend’s goldsmith mother. Emerald, set in 18k gold, is a classic water stone representing love and romance, with healing powers. This gift is for that special someone who has earned you the best energy and believes it can pay off.

Lost Pattern “Madagascar” Silk Turban: $48

Courtesy of Lost Patterns

Lost pattern ‘Madagascar’ silk turban: $48

Lost Pattern 100% Mulberry Silk Satin is the top product in the silk market. It’s a stronger, smoother, lighter and more durable thread that the New York-based brand hopes to wear with these headscarves and scarves. Lost Patter offers scarves in different styles to suit every wearing aesthetic. The Lost Pattern bandanna features hand rolled edges and a hand-stitched finish.

Leret Leret Cashmere Sweater No. 33 – $475

pop studio

Leret Leret Cashmere Sweater No. 33 – $475

This 100% Mongolian cashmere from Leret Leret is beautifully designed and beautifully crafted in a loose fit. The heart-to-heart design is the perfect “sign of choice” for your lover. Ribbed cuffs, collars and hemlines, these are limited and only named by quantity, and sweaters are easier to wear than button-down shirts from the back of your wardrobe. Founded by Andrea and Edouard Leret and designed in New York City, the brand specializes in cashmere sweaters.

SNS Collabs Jacket x Giani – $249

Provided by SNS

SNS Collabs Jacket x Giani – $249

New York streetwear brand SNS and Giani have teamed up to create a line of products designed for urbanites savvy with modern street culture. In addition to the rug and disposable camera that can be grabbed in the capsule, the SNS x Giani collaboration features a custom bomber jacket with the Giani mascot sprayed on each jacket and back. The design allows the spray paint art to fade and chip over time for a unique and personalized look.

Coach Udele Sports Slide with Heart Print – $95

Provided by the coach

Coach Udele heart-print sneakers – $95

Coach’s classic Udele Sport Slide is ready for Valentine’s Day, with a heart graphic that complements matching items and accessories. You can’t go wrong with gifting slideshows to your favorite people that will remind you of your loved ones. The rubber footbed and outsole have proven to be a solid pair, especially in Coach’s Signature coated canvas.

AllĂ©gorie Black Gala Bifold Wallet – $105.00

Courtesy of Allégorie

AllĂ©gorie Black Gala Bifold Wallet – $105

The Gala wallet is made from 100 apples and upgraded to vegan leather material. These items in the Gala collection are all made from apples and designed for the modern man. Sleek and smart, these wallets offer an alternative to regular leather wallets and a sustainable cache of your significant other’s fashion and accessory choices. This product line is USDA certified biobased, PETA certified, and WFTO certified, and is free of hazardous chemicals.

MONFRERE Preston Coated Chocolate Cargo Denim – $278

provided by MONFRERE

MONFRERE Preston Coated Chocolate Cargo Denim – $278

MONFRÈRE’s Fall 2022 collection of luxurious denim embodies slim-fit jeans with bold designs and prints. Preston Coated Chocolate Work Denim is a sweet treat for the man in your life. The denim is made of Japanese satin, which is stretchy and soft. Co-founders Sean Rudes and Steven Dann make many different MONFRERE denims in their Los Angeles studio and have always been a favorite of entertainers and athletes.

Dr. Squatch Bar Soap Bow Chicka Wow Wow: $48

Courtesy of Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch Bar Soap Bow Chicka Whoa Whoa: $48

Dr. Squatch’s soap smells like chocolate and strawberries. There’s nothing more romantic than a guy who smells like your favorite candy. These bars are a blend of red wine, cocoa butter, ylang ylang, and yohimbe bark to keep your masculine appearance soft and hydrated after use.

Redken Brews Thickening Shampoo: $8-$30

Courtesy of Redken

Redken Redken Brewing Thickening Shampoo: $8 – $30

Self-awareness is very sexy for individuals these days. And for men, that might mean realizing the fact that your hair might just be thinning. In any case, you should definitely take action. This is a clear expression of male youth. So no matter where you are, start your journey with Redken Brews Thickening Shampoo to care for your mane – or restore it, or save it.

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