Love, Romance and Comedy on Valentine’s Day

Love, Romance and Comedy on Valentine's Day

Love, Romance and Comedy on Valentine’s Day


Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is almost here. MPR News host Angela Davis talks to two guests who have two different perspectives on romance and Valentine’s Day.

First, we hear from romantic writer Karen Booth, who grew up in Minnesota and writes contemporary romance novels with a focus on heroines over the age of 35. We hear what makes romance heady, and Booth’s own love story.

We also hear from Twin Cities comedian Hannah Wydeven, who is performing a Valentine’s day riff titled “Love Hurts: The Valentine’s Day Experience” at the Huge Improv Theater in Minneapolis .


  • Karen Booth is a contemporary romantic writer

  • Hannah Wydeven is a comedian based in the Twin Cities

Listen to the full conversation using the audio player above.

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