Love Park Valentine’s Day engagement draws cheers from crowd

Lovers and tourists pose in front of Robert Indiana’s iconic statue as they visit LOVE Park Feb. 13, 2022 on a snowy pre-Valentine's Day.

Love Park Valentine’s Day engagement draws cheers from crowd


With the slush above and underfoot with love,

He took out a ring, got down on one knee,

Then came this question:

“will you marry me?”

She said yes — a rare romantic moment on an unusually lethargic Sunday afternoon in Philadelphia’s Kennedy Plaza, world-famous for its giant statue of Robert Indiana. The perennially popular destination for proposals, weddings and couples’ selfies missed the usual parade of tourists on Sunday afternoon, as a messy winter storm and the looming Super Bowl left all but the most determined lovebirds. people stay inside.

But Shriket Patel is on a mission.

“When I first saw the park, I wanted to propose there,” he said.

He and Drashti Narola, 29, were among the couples braving the weather to celebrate a special Valentine’s weekend together. They met through an online course two years ago. After six months of texting, he finally asked her out. They recently moved to Harrisburg from the Midwest.

Onlookers gathered as Patel and Narola approached the statue of Love. The photo of the couple was ready — he was in slacks and crisp white shirt, she was shaking in a sleeveless burgundy velvet gown — and the Ed Sheeran song that suddenly started playing was a giveaway of what was to come.

A hired photographer captured Narora’s surprised expression as Patel pulled Narola’s hand and friends rushed over with heart-shaped balloons tied to the end of a champagne bottle.

Friends, family and strangers cheered as she put the ring on her finger and pulled him up for a kiss. The newlyweds, arm in arm, rushed to the city hall for photos before it got colder.

Patel wasn’t the only one kneeling at the statue’s feet.

Renas Ramadham couldn’t resist the chance to propose to his sweetheart – even though they’ve been married for 15 years. He and his wife Harim Ramadham were visiting from Fredericksburg, Virginia. They posed and laughed as the family took pictures to mark the occasion.

Angelina and Jayare Echevarria visited the iconic LOVE statue during their weekend getaway.

Angelina Echevarria said the Brooklyn-based couple had not traveled overnight with their three children in years. Their friends Vicky and​​Thomas Rolon, who live outside Newark, spent the weekend with them visiting museums, dining and relaxing.

They don’t usually shine on Valentine’s Day, but wanted to do something a little different this year.

“It’s just a fun day together,” she said.

While couples and families occasionally stopped by the LOVE statue, 9-year-old Isa Abdul-Wahhab and his siblings handed out roses and cards to people while their mother stood by.

“It’s about spreading love to people,” Issa said of Valentine’s Day. When asked if he had a special Valentine’s Day, he said, “My family.”

The outing was organised by City Kids Random Acts of Kindness, which helps youth give back to the community. Throughout the summer, they handed out hand sanitizer and snacks.

“I actually hate Valentine’s Day,” said Tirani Chelson, 28, of South Philadelphia, who organized the outing.

So she planned the City Kids outing to fill the day with any kind of love — not just romantic love.

After all, this is what Philadelphia is known for, Nichelson points out: “It’s the city of brotherly love.”

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