Love is… Valentine’s Day’s value-for-money pink bubbles | DayDayNews Life and Style


Love is… Valentine’s Day’s value-for-money pink bubbles | DayDayNews Life and Style


Pink fizz is a Valentine’s Day cliché, but sometimes it’s cliché for good reason. And, these days, rosé is something to be taken seriously, whether sparkling or still. This is of course reflected in the price of most rosé champagnes, which are almost always more expensive than colourless champagnes – up to £250 in Krug’s case, which is an Ocado special. When you ask why, there’s usually a lot of nonsense about mixing tricks and how to make the more expensive, yadda yadda yadda, but it’s hard to see any reason to justify the size of the premium, other than that they can easily get away with it.

Unlike rosé wines, which are usually made from lightly pressed red grapes, rosé sparkling wines are made by adding a small amount of red wine (usually Pinot Noir) to a white wine base. Aside from Champagne, there are some particularly beautiful examples in the UK, including Leander Pink in Digby and the Woodchester Valley Brut Rosé I recommended a few weeks ago, though neither of them are cheap, either.

The good news, however, is that there are some great-value pink sparkling wines around: rosé prosecco, only recently approved as a denomination, both cava rosado and crémant are affordable, and in the case of prosecco, it doesn’t have Lots of own flavor, often preferable to the standard version. Cava is also less drier than champagne, more fruity and worth a try too.

You can also cut costs by putting the cork on a half bottle instead of a full-size bottle. Exton Park (see today’s pick) is one of the few producers of sparkling wine in the UK – please let us have more – but if you want your loved ones to know you’re spoiling them , there’s always Bollinger, whose half-bottle of rosé is currently on sale at Waitrose for £28 and a full bottle for £39, if you want to splurge. You can easily pay more elsewhere.

Another great thing about pink soda is that it can be paired with such a wide range of Valentine’s Day foods. Smoked salmon, sushi (which goes especially well together), lobster, heart-shaped cheeses (like coeur de Neufchâtel), white chocolate, macarons…even a packet of shrimp crackers, it’s probably all you can eat.

So even if you’re not celebrating V-Day, you can take advantage of special offers and get ready for spring drinking. Happily, that’s not far off now.

Pour five pink drinks for your lover

La Gioiosa Prosecco Rose Millesimato Brut

2020 La Gioiosa Prosecco Rosé £8.99 (offer) Waitrose, £10 Tesco (or £8 for Clubcard members), £9.99 (mixed six) Majestic, 11%. One of the best rosé sparkling wines I’ve tasted, certainly for this price. Summer fruit cocktails.

Roche Lacour Cremant de Limoux Rosé Brut 2019

Roche Lacour Cremant de Limoux Rosé Brut 2019 £15.49 (or £13.89 in the mixed case) Laithwaites, 12.5%. Beautiful bottle, beautiful fruit, a charming pink soda from the south of France.

Exton Park RB 23 Rosé

Exton Park RB 23 Rosé £25 half bottle, £40 full bottle Highbury Vintners, 11.5%. Available at Simon Rogan and other top Michelin restaurants, this lovely rosé has a hint of white peach. If you live near Hampshire, you can pick it up from vineyards.

Laurent Perrier Rosé Champagne

Laurent Perrier Rosé Champagne £59.99 (Mixed Six) Majestic, 12%. A little bit of money, but probably cheaper than going out to eat. And it’s widely available.

Roebuck Estate Spade 2016

Roebuck Estate Spade 2016 £42, £42.50 Hennings Wine, 12%. Delicate, summery red berries such as freshly picked raspberries and red currants.

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