Love is in the air as CPP celebrates Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air as CPP celebrates Valentine's Day

Love is in the air as CPP celebrates Valentine’s Day


by Michael Yu, February 22, 2022

As Valentine’s Day sweeps across campus, many students celebrate the holiday in unique ways. From dining with a partner at a favorite restaurant to fundraising for a club, Caltech Pomona students have found their own unique way to spread love.

One of the ways many people celebrate Valentine’s Day is by spending quality time with their significant other. Industrial Engineering major Samantha Lai shares her Valentine’s Day traditions from her chemical engineering major with boyfriend Elias Jarman.

“I’m a big believer that you can win someone’s heart through their stomach,” Lai said. “It was the ramen and sushi restaurant we went to on our first date, and it’s now a tradition we get our food from there every year.”

Lai also shared that in the past Valentine’s Day, she used to give sweetheart candies to people no one was celebrating to spread the love during the holiday.

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While Valentine’s Day may be considered a lighthearted holiday, its origins paint a darker picture. The story tells of when the Roman Emperor Claudius II banned marriage, and how the mysterious St. Valentine arranged it in secret; an act that culminated in his being thrown into prison. Before being executed, the saint left a final letter to his lover that read “From your lover”, inspiring a festival that will be celebrated for decades to come.

Valentine’s Day is not only a day to celebrate people’s romantic partners, but also all the loved ones in their lives, from family to friends. Quinn Benitez, a computer science major, expresses how she and her family will celebrate the holiday.

“I make as many reds and hearts as possible, like pasta, macaroons, cookies and more,” Benitez said. “I celebrate with my family every year and they give me gifts like cards, jewellery and chocolates.”

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Another way people celebrate Valentine’s Day is by buying treats and gifts for loved ones. From heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate to bouquets of flowers, Valentine’s Day is a day filled with consumerism and an opportunity for organizations and clubs to raise money.

The CPP Mexican American Student Association is a student-run club dedicated to supporting students of all races and helping them reach their full potential. This year, MASA held a fundraiser outside the campus library to sell Valentine’s Day candy figures to grow their club.

“We’ll collect flowers and candy and make a special card to distribute during Valentine’s Day to help raise money for the club,” said Ana Sanchez, a mechanical engineering student and MASA member. “This will help us better assist students and provide them with a safe space to grow.”

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The grams that MASA sells are made from daisies and various other flowers that are cut five or six inches and then attached to a card containing a personalized note or meme.

Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate all the loved ones in people’s lives, from family members to romantic partners. Whether it’s a meal at a favorite restaurant or a gift from a family member, CPP students have their own unique way to honor their loved ones.

“On Valentine’s Day, I saw a lot of students giving flowers to their loved ones,” Lai said. “It’s really special to see students share the love on campus.”

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