Local daycare creates Valentine’s Day cards for nursing home residents

Local daycare creates Valentine's Day cards for nursing home residents

Local daycare creates Valentine’s Day cards for nursing home residents


LINCOLN, Nebraska (KOLN) – Hundreds of cards were sent to nursing homes in the run-up to Valentine’s Day.

Nearly a dozen family day care centers have teamed up to bring smiles to nursing home residents in Lincoln with Valentine’s Day cards made by kids.

Cathy Martinez is a home day care provider. She knew her kids loved making art, and she knew nursing homes with residents would appreciate a special gift.

“So, it’s not a good idea for these kids to use their artistic talents to make Valentine’s Day gifts for nursing home residents to help them feel less isolated,” Martinez said.

She reached out to other family day cares to get more kids involved and to connect with different nursing homes in Lincoln.

One of these nursing homes is the Independence Home. Their residents have had limited interaction with their families since the beginning of the pandemic.

“Many of them haven’t been able to see their grandchildren for a long time, or they did with their grandchildren when they entered the building,” said Holly Bowman of Independence Home’s clinical relations department. Some activities.” “So, that way it brings a little bit of normality to them.”

Before the pandemic, children in day care would also come to the facility and spend time with residents.

Even though they were not allowed into the building as before, the children still put smiles on residents’ faces with their Valentine’s Day cards.

“The happiness we see from them again is probably the best part,” said Mary Johnson, assistant commissioner of independent homes.

Cards have also been sent to residents of other nursing homes, including Legacy Arbor and Brookside Village.

Martinez said it was a great opportunity to show kids the importance of giving back to their community.

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