Local chocolatiers go all out for Valentine’s Day

Local chocolatiers go all out for Valentine's Day

Local chocolatiers go all out for Valentine’s Day


RENO, Nevada (KOLO) – “Our biggest sales day of the year,” says Dorinda Vance. This is one way of describing Valentine’s Day. That happens to be true for Dorinda’s Chocolates.

Back in the kitchen, I started researching the most popular chocolates in terms of taste and shape a few weeks ago. Chocolate-encrusted cherries are an ingredient that opened in 2008. There are also hearts, lollipops and lips, which Dorinda says are home runs for the Valentine’s Day holiday.

For you, that’s next Monday, the day after the Super Bowl.

“You’re going to meet a lot of local men whose wives ask them to buy Dorinda’s chocolates,” Vance said. “Don’t bother buying me chocolate unless it’s Dorinda’s. We love it,” she said.

Almost elbow-deep in chocolate, these workers must love their jobs.

Production begins early in the morning, with the chocolate being melted and shaped and presented with flavours that will accentuate the day.

“We have ‘roasted blondes’ to die for,” said Dustin Vance, COO and owner of Dorinda’s Chocolates. “Strawberry Balm is our February feature. We make these red lips that taste like white chocolate. ,”He said.

Once the chocolate bars are finished, many of them will be sent to the shipping area. Orders started arriving on February 1st. Send to a local address or across the country, one thing is for sure, the chocolate needs to arrive on time so everyone stays happy,

“Did you know there’s a little aphrodisiac in it?” Dorinda asked.

By the end of Valentine’s Day, Dorinda’s will have sold a total of thousands of chocolates and 5,000 chocolate strawberries.

For details and discounts on pre-Valentine’s Day orders, visit: https://dorindaschocolates.com/.

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