Late Knight Valentine’s Day Special

Late Knight Valentine's Day Special

Late Knight Valentine’s Day Special


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Pacific Lutheran University late knight On February 18, a Valentine’s Day special was broadcast from the cave site to a full audience.

late knight is a live comedy show written and produced entirely by PLU students. The final episode, the second episode of season seven, focuses on Valentine’s Day and romantic relationships.

night knightHost Matthew Tolar begins his opening monologue with advice on romantic relationships. For those looking for relationships, Tolar recommends a couple of PLU-inspired pickup lines.

All pick-up lines are geared towards a shared campus experience for the audience. “You must be Foss Hall because you’ve got us all intrigued,” he joked.

This line stands out for its specificity and accuracy. Speculation about Foss Hall varies from student to student, and the building is the source of many curiosity on campus, so the joke resonated with audiences.

For those already in a relationship, Tolar suggests several unique dating ideas to make Valentine’s Day special. “Nothing says sexiness like being a bad boy,” says Tolar, listing some low-level felonies to make your dating profile more appealing.

Next up was Dolly Parton, who played the Vegas wedding emcee. She hilariously advises inquiries about relationships.

Although she was a wedding emcee, it soon became apparent that “Dolly Parton” was not in the wedding business to facilitate a happy marriage. She revealed that her own marriage ended when her husband and a woman named Jolene betrayed her. Then she decides to spoil someone else’s wedding.

The skit ends with Parton and Toral arguing over what advice to offer a man who is about to propose to his girlfriend. Finally, Dolly threw her wig into Tolar’s face and strode off the stage.

Several pre-recorded skits aired during the live portion of the show, including a mock trailer for a new movie called “Dining Dollar Daddy.” The skit tells the story of Devin and Brig, second-year biology students who are looking for a relationship. Briegh is a girl who ran out of food expenses at the start of term and now needs someone to buy her food.

Throughout the skit, Breigh scoffs at Devon’s meal plan while Devon tries to make their relationship work. The skit ends with Devin, who reveals that his meal bills are low right now. Brig leaves him to find Craig, who has a “bigger meal plan.”

Tolar then interviewed Fulton Bryant-Anderson and Rosario Joseon, co-general managers of Root Aviation Student Radio (LASR). Bryant-Anderson and Yoson promote the upcoming Battle of the Bands and introduce the evening’s musical guest Miss January.

What followed was a game between two student couples, who competed to see which pair knew their partner best. The game includes questions such as “What is your partner’s preferred order at OMM?” and “What does your partner hate the most?”

The show ended with an encore performance by Miss January.

The next episode will be broadcast live in April and in person in the cave with two new presenters.recording late knight Episodes can be viewed at under the Mast TV tab. ◼︎

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