LAPD officer who sent George Floyd Valentine’s Day-themed images cleared of wrongdoing

LAPD officer who sent George Floyd Valentine's Day-themed images cleared of wrongdoing

LAPD officer who sent George Floyd Valentine’s Day-themed images cleared of wrongdoing


The department and his attorney said Tuesday that the officer informed his superiors about Floyd’s image, who said “you blow my mind,” but a Civilian Review Board found him not guilty.

“The employee who was directed to the Rights Commission for sharing the George Floyd meme has been found not guilty,” the LAPD said in a statement. “In this case, the facts and evidence are set by the Hearing by a committee made up of civilian committee members selected from the community.”

Law enforcement officials have not been publicly identified. The LAPD did not specify the department policy the officer was acquitted of violating department policies, calling it an administrative internal investigation.

The officer’s attorney, Leslie Wilcox, called the decision “absolutely correct.”

In a statement to CNN, Wilcox said: “The officer found the meme offensive and he did not create it nor distribute it, only notified a commander. It exists.” “The commander who received the officer’s communications, as well as the assistant director who oversaw the investigation, agreed that the officer’s single notification to the commander was in no way inappropriate. This decision demonstrates that the rights committee’s procedures are effective and that the civilian team is able to Put political pressure aside and focus on the evidence in front of them to make objective decisions.”

The union representing LAPD officers declined to comment, citing confidentiality restrictions.

When news of a meme downplaying Floyd’s killing surfaced earlier this year, the union called the image abhorrent and demanded that those responsible be held accountable.

“If this photo was created, ‘liked’ or shared by a member of the LAPD, the police chief must act quickly to hold those individuals accountable,” the LAPD said at the time. “Our profession must There is zero tolerance for this type of behavior, and any police officers who feel it is necessary to join any online group that engages, promotes and/or celebrates such activities should quickly reconsider their career choices, as they are clearly not using law enforcement judgement and also No sex.”

initial rebound

When the image first surfaced in February, the LAPD said in a series of tweets that it was conducting an internal investigation and had “zero tolerance for this type of behavior.”

An official told CNN at the time that the department’s internal affairs officials said at the time they would immediately interview those concerned about the post, including when and where they saw it and who was responsible.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón also said in February that his office would review the incident to “determine whether the integrity of any of our cases may have been compromised by biased police work. “Tensions rise in policing talks as talks enter delicate stage“Celebrating the killing of a black man by police demonstrates a profound lack of humanity,” Gascon said in a statement. “Mock Valentine’s Day underscores the heights that prevail in the law enforcement culture of the communities we are sworn to protect and serve. Problematic, frankly, racist notions.”

After news of the photo broke, Ben Crump, an attorney representing the Floyd family, said the family was outraged and shocked by the news of the photo and called for the immediate firing of those responsible for the photo.

“The Floyd family’s anger is understandable. It goes beyond insult over injury — it’s injury over death,” he said in a statement after the photo was first reported. “The cold and cruel type of needing to do something like this in one’s soul is beyond comprehension — it’s indicative of a bigger problem in LAPD culture.”

He added: “We demand that everyone involved be held accountable for their objectionable behaviour and apologise immediately to the family.”

It is unclear whether the person in charge has ever apologized.

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