KTVU Talent Shares Favorite Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day Balloons

KTVU Talent Shares Favorite Valentine’s Day Gifts


Valentine's Day Balloonsarticle

Documents – Valentine’s Day balloons and flowers are sold outside the convenience store. (Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Sending your sweetheart flowers, a card or a box of chocolates is a tradition. We asked our KTVU anchors what their favorite V-Day treats are and why.

Garcia Michaelian

I would say the cards are my favorite…because I can keep them forever and re-read as needed in those tough times…and because I have young children I can see their writing and art for years That has changed…most of the cute spelling mistakes are now over, but I still laugh when they write their love for me – I might make a home-cooked dinner for myself every night or keep it at home Neat and proud, but when they say “I love my mom because she took me to the dollar store for candy once”…it puts everything on point!

Mike Mibach

I love a great Valentine’s Day…card! Hey, words mean the world, and as much as I love getting a note, I love writing a note to my wife on this day. Take it slow, everything starts from the heart!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Claudine Wong

I’m a huge fan of cards, handwritten and/or homemade! (But I also always bring flowers!)

Dave Clark

My wife’s love is the best part of the day and my favorite treat: chocolate, full of coconut and almonds!

Allie Rasmus

Absolutely card! Unlike flowers, they are forever, and unlike candy, they don’t make me fat! Ha ha!

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