Kim Taehyung almost missed Valentine’s Day, says he didn’t eat chocolate this year

Kim Taehyung almost missed Valentine's Day, says he didn't eat chocolate this year

Kim Taehyung almost missed Valentine’s Day, says he didn’t eat chocolate this year


BTS singer V aka Kim Taehyung’s latest comments on Valentine’s Day caught ARMY’s attention. The Winter Bear singer returned to the Weverse just days after being diagnosed with Covid-19 and responded to several BTS fans on the platform. One of the many questions is about Valentine’s Day. One fan asked TaeTae if he was being treated with chocolate this Valentine’s Day. “Hey taetae, did you get the chocolate (Valentine’s Day)?

As BTS fan account @btstranslation7 translated on Twitter, Taehyung admitted that no one gave him chocolates this year. He also added that he didn’t realize it was Valentine’s Day until a few hours before the romantic day was over. “No one gave me anything, so I found out (it was Valentine’s Day) that there were only a few hours left in the day,” his response read.

Fans were heartbroken to learn this and now want to give him chocolates. “Whoever didn’t give my kids Valentine’s chocolates, I swear I can do better Taehyung just give me the address and I’ll deliver a truckload,” one fan said. “You tell me no one is spoiled on Valentine’s Day. Yaehyung? It’s blasphemous,” another added.

BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook rarely talk about their romance. Although the members have not dated anyone since their debut, some members mentioned their pre-debut girlfriends. They are often subject to dating rumors, but their agency, BIG HIT Music, often shuts it down. Last year, Taehyung was also rumored to be dating someone, but the company released a statement to clear the air. Taehyung also reacted to the rumors via Weverse, calling them “pathetic”.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, V also briefed fans on his health. The singer, who is recovering from Covid-19, told a fan who is also in quarantine that he “watches movies, listens to music, enjoys time to think (about life), sleep, play games, nap” during the quarantine. time flies. He added that he feels fine now.

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