Kids at Davidson Kindergarten spread message of love on Valentine’s Day

Kids at Davidson Kindergarten spread message of love on Valentine's Day

Kids at Davidson Kindergarten spread message of love on Valentine’s Day


DAVIDSON, Mich. — Amelia Zito carefully puts every Valentine’s Day gift she makes into every bag of her classmates.

At Thomson Elementary School in Davidson on Monday, Feb. 14, the 5-year-old smiled as he walked around the semicircular red bag, taking his time with each delivery.

That’s because Valentine’s Day is one of Amelia’s favorite holidays.

“Valentine’s Day means we show our loved ones who we care about. I’m so excited to come to school today to be smart, share love and eat ice cream,” she said. “Love is like, you know, you love someone. You’re kind, you’re nice. I love my family—my mom, my brother, my dad. That’s how I love Valentine’s Day.”

5 and 6 year olds enjoy Valentine’s Day parties in the afternoons at Developmental Kindergarten and Kindergarten throughout the school.

Classroom party activities are varied, with many themed crafts, including coloring and painting hearts and ladybugs, frosting cookies and making ice cream bowls, and even bingo.

In one classroom, bingo cards were filled with letters, the word sweetheart, cupids, gifts, candy and chocolates.

Students had to put some pink, purple, or red paper on them, fill out their entire bingo card, and shout out that they won.

“It makes my heart so happy and full. This holiday season is full of love. When I’m with the kids, they are so lovely,” said Hannah Neurohr, a volunteer mother at Davidson, who is in Daughter Ava Garcia, 5, smiled after she ran across the room to kiss her in her arms. “It’s great to be able to help and be a part of something, especially on a loving day. We’re here to show love, but also for the kids. What a great day today.”

Whether it’s by telling knock-knock jokes, serving up handmade crafts or just saying “I love you,” these kindergarten kids have love and kindness in their minds throughout the party.

“I love giving gifts and Valentine’s Day,” says 5-year-old Ayden Zink. I love (my teacher) with my mom, dad and my puppy. “


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