KATHIE’S KORNER — Valentine’s Day is about giving, receiving love – Port Arthur News

KATHIE'S KORNER — Valentine's Day is about giving, receiving love - Port Arthur News

KATHIE’S KORNER — Valentine’s Day is about giving, receiving love – Port Arthur News


Valentine’s Day was originally a Christian holiday in honor of St. Valentine, and later became a religious, cultural, and commercial celebration of romance and love in certain parts of the world on February 14, known as St. Valentine’s Day or Feast

St. Valentine.

People send greeting cards and gifts, including appointments and church services.

Early traditions write that Saint Valentine restored sight to the blind

Jailer’s daughter, imprisoned for serving persecuted Christians in the Roman Empire.

The jailer’s daughter signed him a letter before his execution, “Your Lover”. Wow… St. Valentine also held weddings for Christian soldiers who were forbidden to marry.

I pay tribute to St. Valentine for his support of Christianity at a pivotal time in history.

Some Asian countries tend to spend a lot of money on gifts on this day. Japan involves many chocolate factories and packaging methods to facilitate the sale of many different goods.

In the US, 190 million cards are sent every year, and that’s not counting the hundreds

Cards exchanged by millions of primary school students, as well as little sweets of love

There is information for everyone, as well as chocolate hearts and flowers.

My dad used to send gifts to my mom and me.What I won’t forget is a beautiful doll

Paired with a white satin dress full of red hearts to add to my doll collection.

Then my dear, thoughtful husband Mike continued this fun tradition by giving me

The first Valentine’s Day we started dating, a beautiful necklace.

There is a lot of economic activity in some parts of the world, while some countries and religions eschew the whole concept of “common love”. Young people in all cultures love this celebration, while conservative older generations are against all public expressions of love!

It’s been a sweet, positive day, so enjoy it.it is accompanied by a strong love for god

He gives us, freely and generously to give and gather more people into

Kingdom and Paradise.

Give him your heart and live in peace forever.

Kathie Deasy writes about religion for the Port Arthur news outlet. She can be reached at kathiedeasy@hotmail.com.

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