Kate Spade has a Valentine’s Day gift guide with hundreds of gems — including these 4 adorable picks

Kate Spade has a Valentine's Day gift guide with hundreds of gems — including these 4 adorable picks

Kate Spade has a Valentine’s Day gift guide with hundreds of gems — including these 4 adorable picks


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There is no perfect Valentine’s Day gift – what really matters is that it comes from the heart. That being said, knowing your significant other’s stylish love language is key. We’re taking a wild guess that if you clicked on this article, you or someone special is a Kate Spade fan – and if so, you’re in luck. The Kate Spade Valentine’s Day Gift Guide offers treats and trinkets that will get their (or yours) heart pumping, starting at just $9.

Kate Spade is known for its vibrant colors, whimsical prints and practical accessory designs that incorporate fantasy elements. The brand’s overall aesthetic is perfect for Valentine’s Day pinks, purples and reds — not to mention a heart or two.

For Valentine’s Day, the brand has curated a gift guide filled with very precious jewelry, accessories, bags and more. The guide is conveniently organized by price so you can shop according to your budget. There are gifts under $50, gifts under $100, and some gifts to splurge on. Options include Valentine’s day pajamas, delicate jewelry, sneakers and more.

Among the hundreds of incredible gifts on offer, we’ve found four perfect gifts for just about any Valentine’s Day — any budget.

buy it! Kate Spade Mini Hearts Stainless Steel Glass, $19.95; katespade.com

If you’re on a budget and your sweetheart loves romantic practicality, this heart-shaped glass is just for you. It’s something everyone can use, the pattern is cute, and it’s a designer Valentine’s Day gift for under $20.

If you want a little more comfort, the Kate Spade Mini Heart Pajama Set has you covered. The set is made from 100% cotton, and the color story and print make them the ideal Valentine’s Day lounge look. Get a pair for yourself, for them, or for the both of you—you can even get some bananas for your entire Valentine’s Day BFF pajama party, if that’s your vibe.

Another great V-Day option (that you might want to keep for yourself) are these sneakers – think of them as the perfect white shoe, but with a Valentine’s twist. If you happen to be single this year, get your bestie a pair and suggest a bro coffee date and a walk in the park.

Remember: Love comes in many different forms, and Kate Spade’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide has all of them covered—and there’s still time to get them all before the holidays. Shop our favorites above, some extra gems below, or head over to the Kate Spade website and shop all.

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