Interesting Valentine’s Day Ideas for Long-Married Couples

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Interesting Valentine’s Day Ideas for Long-Married Couples

Interesting Valentine’s Day Ideas for Long-Married Couples

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Most couples who have been married for a while or the long-married couples believe that Valentine’s day is nothing but a Hallmark holiday. It is an opportunity for greeting card companies and confectionery manufacturers to push their sales.

Only naive young couples in romance-brimming relationships tend to fall for this commercial Valentine’s frenzy. Mature couples are too smart to buy into these marketing gimmicks.

While long-married couples dismiss the artificial commercialized Valentine’s day, sometimes they also ignore the true essence of this day.

So, if you are wondering, do married couples celebrate Valentine’s day?

Tha plain and simple answer would be, Of course, they do! But, only if they want to.

You might even wonder why couples should celebrate Valentine’s day after marriage when they have already been together for so long.

But, amidst juggling kids, chores, and jobs, couples often forget to express love and care for each other. Valentine’s day for married couples can be the day for them to rejuvenate their relationship and spend some quality time with each other.

Valentine’s day is the day to celebrate love and to show affection and gratitude to your partner. With diminishing intimacy and simmering romance, long-married couples are the ones who need Valentine’s day the most.

It is the perfect occasion to add a burst of romance in their passion parched relationships.

So, here are some romantic things to do for Valentine’s day. Long-married couples can use these essential tips if they have been brooding over what to do on Valentine’s day.

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1. Make a new tradition

Pick an activity of your and your partner’s choice for Valentine’s day, say watching a romantic movie, going for a picnic, a short romantic getaway, or dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Make this activity a tradition for Valentine’s Day in the following years. This tradition will remind you to celebrate love and fuel your relationship every year on Valentine’s day.

Although you both could be indulging in some of these activities on other days too. But, when you give it a touch of celebration, the same action can spin some excitement and joy in your routine lives.

2. Reminisce old Valentine days

All long-married couples were once young and passionate lovers. You and your partner must have some sweet memories of your early Valentine’s day celebrations.

Do not miss those days from the perspective of losing the good old times and cribbing over not being able to do anything alike in your present situation. Instead, reminisce those days and maybe relive them.

You can celebrate this Valentine’s day the way you did when your relationship was new. This can be very fun, an exciting change in your married life routine.

3. Spend the entire day with each other

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If you have small children- hire a babysitter, if you have teenage children- send them away, do your chores and run your errands in advance, make yourselves entirely available for the day and spend it only with your partner.

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Doing away your regular chores might look difficult on the surface. But, at the same time, you must remind yourself that you have a life beyond all your responsibilities and duties.

Instead, if the two of you take a break from the routine chores and thoroughly enjoy yourselves, you can come back to your everyday life feeling rejuvenated.

The two of you can do whatever you want to do together, go for long walks, talk to each other for hours and you will be surprised to learn new things about each other even after all these years.

4. Give gifts

As cliche as it sounds, giving gifts on Valentine’s day can never go wrong. Things may be overpriced on Valentine’s day, and it is perhaps foolish to buy gifts at that time.

But, gifts are not about the money, it’s the thought behind the gift that counts.

However big or small, give a thoughtful gift to your partner this Valentine’s day, it will definitely bring a positive change in your relationship.

5. Surprise your spouse

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This tip would work not only for long-married couples but even for young couples who are just married or who are in a live-in relationship.

If you feel that there is nothing that you can do to make this day special for both of you, you need not go entirely out of your way to please your spouse.

You can surprise your spouse by doing the little things that they actually want you to do in routine, but you end up not doing them at all.

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So, think of all the possible things that your spouse least expects from you. It can be anything right from cleaning up the room to doing the dishes or doing the grocery or sprucing up the lawn.

At first, your spouse might take time to recover from this pleasant shock. But, undoubtedly, they would be completely bowled over and remember your unexpectedly sweet gesture for times to come.

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Being, long-married couples don’t imply that the fun part of life is over. You don’t have to merely pull through your lives by getting weighed down by the un-ending responsibilities of your house, kids, parents,  managing finances, and things alike.

Life is meant to be lived and not just dragged.

Being long-married couples in-fact gives you an edge over other couples as you know your partner way too better and completely understand what would piss them off and what would genuinely make them happy. Long-married couples can use this fact to their benefit and use this special day to spark up their relationship.

So, if you have been married for a while and are happy with your relationship, then you must celebrate Valentine’s day. You should take some time out to thank your partner for their support, express your love and affection, and make efforts to replenish your relationship.

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