Interesting Facts About Popular Holidays

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Interesting Facts About Popular Holidays


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Documents – Valentine’s Day balloons and flowers are sold outside the convenience store. (Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

New York – Monday, February 14, 2022, will be the third year that Americans and many others around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, a popular annual holiday during the pandemic.

Sadly, COVID-19 has kept many people from being in close contact with their loved ones. But no matter what, millions of determined others have found ways to come together or express their love and affection.

“Connection drives all relationships,” Ruth Altamura-Rohr, a licensed professional consultant in New Jersey, told Fox News Digital.

“To heal during times of isolation, we must let go of our fears, connect with people who are loving, and practice that kind of love that is patient and kind.”

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Every year, Valentine’s Day is a great time to remind spouses, partners, kids, friends, neighbors, and even pets (and it’s not just retail purchases, of course).

Every year for the holidays, many people enjoy special celebrations at home, including homemade gifts or special desserts.

Others head to a favorite restaurant, while others try to spend a weekend on a budget.

As the popular holiday season of 2022 approaches, here are some fun facts about Valentine’s Day.

1 – Ranked by Valentine’s Day consumer spending on flowers and plants, according to the Society of Florists of America (SAF). (Christmas and Hanukkah are close behind, the group reports.)

14 – How many days left this year to plan or buy for Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022.

1916 — The year Hallmark’s Valentine’s Day cards first appeared on store shelves. (Company founder JC Hall began selling Valentine’s Day postcards as early as 1910.)

145 million – The approximate number of Valentine’s Day cards exchanged across the industry on February 14 each year, according to Hallmark. (This does not include child wrapping cards.)

$21.8 billion (yes, $1 billion) — The total amount Americans spent last year on Valentine’s Day gifts for partners, friends, kids, pets, and more, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF).

$23.9 Billion (Yes, $1 Billion!) – We expect this year’s Valentine’s Day total spending to be the second-highest year on record, according to an annual survey released nationwide on January 31, 2022 Retail Alliance and Prosper Insights & Analytics.

$32 per person – Valentine’s spending per person was down last year (2021) compared to last year (2020).

The NRF said last year that those who participated in Valentine’s Day consumerism spent an average of $164.76 per person, even as the pandemic disrupted plans for many romantics.

64% — who took part in a survey two years ago said they plan to buy gifts for everyone they love (and pets!) — while 57% say they plan to cook a meal for a loved one Special dinner.

52% of adults — The number of U.S. adults who planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day last year, according to NRF, although this holiday is very different due to COVID.

In the meantime, the holidays are just around the corner, so make these plans for your close and loved ones—no matter how modest, heartfelt, or elaborate they may be.

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