Instead of roses, consider floral Gewurztraminer for Valentine’s Day

Leonard Kreusch Gewürztraminer

Instead of roses, consider floral Gewurztraminer for Valentine’s Day


If you have a wine lover in your life, they might appreciate a metaphorical “bouquet of roses,” or even more than a dozen flowers, on Valentine’s Day. In the wine trade, aroma is another term for the smell of a wine as it is poured and swirled in the glass, and the wines that smell the most rosé are those made with one specific grape: Gewurztraminer.

Gewurztraminer is known in German-speaking Europe for producing white wines with intense floral aromas and flavours, in these regions Gewurztraminer method spicesIts most popular style is the one espoused in southeastern Germany, with light and slightly sweet wines like this paired with savory sausage dishes and spicy food. French examples from Alsace are usually richer and drier.

Fans of the more striking floral Moscato will find Gewurztraminer both lower in intensity and sugar, with more citrus and less peach in the flavor profile. The subtle sweetness and flavor intensity of lighter German styles are more like a fine cocktail or flavored vodka than white wines, making them an ideal starting point for wine newbies.

This juicy German Gewurztraminer tastes delicious on its own — full of rosewater and tangerine flavors — but it’s a terrific food companion with plenty of comfort food as well as spice-driven Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine. The wine’s intense rose, lychee, and cinnamon aromas may simply be derived from high levels of terpenes, organic compounds found in many essential oils used in aromatherapy. However, the romantic vibes with Valentine’s Day are so obvious that your wine lover might want you to bring a dozen.

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