If You Really Want To Meet Your Soulmate, Start Doing These 5 Things

If You Really Want To Meet Your Soulmate, Start Doing These 5 Things

If You Really Want To Meet Your Soulmate, Start Doing These 5 Things


I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to meet their soulmate. Seeking love is so deeply rooted within ourselves that, at best, we can only ignore it for a little while. I believe that our true essence is love – when we’re free of our false perceptions, fears, patterns, and worries about what we should be, we allow ourselves to love.

Meeting your soulmate isn’t a coincidence because it happens when you’re ready for it. And this is the part you can influence. There is a very good reason why it might take time. Imagine that you meet your soulmate when you aren’t ready for them. Inevitably, you’d slowly begin to sabotage your relationship. Therefore, it requires doing your homework first so the chances when you meet you’re able to create a beautiful and stable union.

The best relationship starts with yourself first. It requires getting to know yourself better and doing inner work.

1. Get familiar with your patterns.

Patterns are learned behavioral blueprints that we inherit from our family, friends, and society. They govern our decisions and the way we respond to situations. For example, if your parents didn’t have nice and loving relationships, it’s more likely that you think that this is the norm and you’ll create conflicts with your partners later on. If you’ve been told that you aren’t smart or beautiful enough, you might have lower self-confidence and feel insecure around other people. Recognizing your patterns can bring you the freedom to choose what you want – not what you’ve been “programmed” to believe is true.

2. Get to know yourself.

Yes, it sounds like a cliché but there is no way around this. First, you have to know yourself better. This means knowing your own values, standards, what you like, what kind of lifestyle you would like to have and what is important for you. Without this, we might get easily lost in another person. Let’s say that you’d like to travel before you settle down but you’re not clear about it yet. Then you meet a man who wants to settle down immediately and there is no way to go to travel with him.  When you’re in love, you might think that it’s not a big deal but as the years go by, you’ll feel like you’ve betrayed your own dreams and let someone else decide for you.

3. Get comfortable with being with yourself.

Only when you enjoy time spent with yourself can you release the tension that is keeping your soulmate away. If you’d consider your time spent without a relationship as just a waiting time for your soulmate to show up, you might be subconsciously pushing them away. You’re telling yourself that this fictitious person is more important than you. That only by meeting him you’ll be worthy and complete. There is nothing sexier than feeling good about yourself and enjoying your time regardless of being in a relationship or not.

4. Stop waiting and do the things that you’ve always wanted to do.

Start making your dreams happen. If you want to change your job, go travel, or redesign your flat, don’t wait around. You cannot put your life on hold just because of someone else. Abandoning yourself hurts more. Write down all those things that you wish to do and then choose the ones you can accomplish. By living your life fully, you’ll generate a very attractive vibe.

5. Get clear about who you want in your life.

Write your own list of how your soulmate should be. Being clear and focused on what exactly you want works miracles. Get as specific as you want but don’t forget to write down how you want to feel with them. Set your standards and don’t settle for just someone because of the fear of staying alone. TC mark

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