I Miss You my Daughter Quotes and Poem

I Miss You my Daughter Quotes and Poem

I Miss You my Daughter Quotes and Poem



I miss you my daughter quotes and poem

I Miss You My Daughter Quotes And Poem
I Miss You My Daughter Quotes And Poem



I miss you my daughter quotes and poem: here are some of the adorable test for your Daughter.


I Miss You My Daughter Quotes and Poem

1. True happiness is when I see your lovely face, you a gift from heaven to my heart, you change my life considerably when you arrive, shine and glitter wherever you, may the Lord keep you safe, I miss my adorable baby.

2. I wish I can see my daughter right now; you blossom in my heart forever, my life is full because of you, I hold you in my heart forever, I would always cherish every moment that comes, I miss you.

3. She is beautiful, she is lovely, an adorable, she is my little angel, I miss her so much, you give happiness and joy when I think of you, so I pray for you.

4. You mean everything to my heart, you came like an angel and wipe my tears away, I would live and die for my lovely daughter, live a beautiful life wherever you are, mama loves you.

5. You’re the sunshine of my life, everyone is lovely day ever since you came, rise and always shine, be like the bird in the sky soar high and catch the wind, I miss you.

6. I gave you a beautiful name, and you are living by that name, you life is full of beauty and shine, the Lord is strength all the time of your life, I love you, my dear, wishing you love.

7. Like a rainbow, your smile cast beautiful colours of love in my heart, you may be far away from home, but I think of you every minute that pass, I love you my little world.

8. Dear daughter, you delight my eyes when I see you, you complete my dream when you came, you are life’s most cherished gift to my heart, I dream well of you every day, stay well there I miss you.

9. When I wake every morning I wish I can see you smile at me; your smile glitters more than the stars at night, your sweet voice lifts my heart to high heaven, I love you all the time, be a good girl all the time, I miss you too.

10. You are more than just a daughter to me; you are the love of my heart, the crown on my head, and the light on my path. Rise and shine every day, the Lord cares for you, I
long to see your beautiful face again. I miss you.


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I Miss You My Daughter Quotes


11. Life has bestowed me a beauty queen; she is all my happy heart. She glows like the moon and glitters like the star. Life is dull without you, but the happiness that you left in my heart is a comfort for me. I know you are fine wherever you are, my beautiful prayers meet you there. I love you.

12. I thank God for the priceless gift of a daughter so amazing like you, modest in character and beauty in the heart; life would fare to you where ever you find your self, I
have asked my Lord to guide you all the time of your life, I miss you, my special girl.

13. When loneliness descends of my heart, I found solace, scrolling through the family photo album, where I would found your beautiful face, ever-smiling and ever charming.

You bring happiness to my heart when I think you, you a rear gift from heaven to me, peerless and loving, I dream of a beautiful world for you, I love you, my dear daughter.

14. In the world of the angels, you are the finest. In the world of humans, you are the most beautiful. You take my heart in deep. I look out of my window if I could catch your shadow coming, I miss you, my lovely daughter, wait not longer again, and your dear mother wants to see your beautiful face.

15. A daughter of majesty, her heart full of love and care, I’m proud to be your lovely mother. Be my sweet dream; be my fresh hope. Be fabulous and shine wherever you are, I
live every day in beautiful prayers for you, God bless your heart, God bless your way, I miss you.

16. Kind soul that come upon me from heavenly father. A living queen, my lovely daughter, like the colour of the rainbow her gown shines, like the feather of beautiful bird she allures my heart. I wish that I would found you beside me every day, but life is ever playing its trick, the trick of hiding and sick game between daughter and mother. You may not be here now, but when I see you again, I will cuddle you in my lovely arms, I miss you.

17. She appears like a queen when she returns from school every day; she looks neat as if nothing has touched her. Her eyes are looking bright and shining like the moon,
always full of life and beauty. I miss everything about you. You make me smile even in sadness, like an angel, your words are my greatest inspiration. When would I see you again, I want to have the feeling of everything with you even if it is one more time.

18. You are the light of my heart, keep shining; look at me how happy I feel because I’m proud of you. I promise to be there for you when you need me most. I miss you.

19. I have been praying for you even before you were born. Life is so beautiful to have a lovely daughter like you. A wave of joy swept through my heart when I think of you. A
cute heart is what I wish for you all through life, come home soon, let me feel your lovely hands in mine, I miss.

20. Your loving memories keep me warm; my heart lives in fond memories of you. You are a wonderful girl, so amazing every single moment. I miss you.

I Miss You so Much My Daughter Quotes


21. When you smile you look more beautiful, deep in my mind I keep a special love for you; you are the reason I pray every day, I miss you so much.

22. When I think of you, a peaceful mood overwhelmed my heart; life is so appealing to have a beautiful daughter like you. I’m lost in words to describe how much you mean to me, shine like the brilliant sunlight, may your common dream come true. I miss you.

23. You are indescribably amazing; you filled my heart with happiness, you came at a time when I needed you, you are my dream come true, I miss you, I wish you to see your beautiful face, God bless you.

24. When you are at home, your beautiful smile radiates warmth in my heart; I give God the glory for a gift of a charming girl like you as my daughter, I’m so thrilled to be in the same planet with you, I miss you.

25. A heart of gold, a smile that could light up a room, my little angel, you mean the world to me, I think of you every single day, I pray that I would be holding your lovely hands in mine soon, I miss you.

26. A gift from heaven, behold my angelic daughter, she is my sweet girl, my best friend, I miss every about you. I love you so much.

27. I have never seen an angel, but when I see you, I think I have seen one, life is good because I have an adorable daughter, I cherish you wherever you are, fill your heart with joy, I wish we could spend all the time together forever, I miss you.

28. My lovely daughter, how is life treating you over there, I miss you so much, you are that I have, and thank God for your astounding experience, you left sweet memory that keeps me warm all the time, be excellent always.

29. If I ever think of one person that makes me smile is you, if I ever pray for one person that means so much to me is you, like a rainfall that bring coolness to the earth,
you brought so much joy to my heart, I wish best in all that you do, I miss you.

30. Like marigold, you flourish all the time, like moonlight your brighten my heart, and like an angel you are so beautiful, life is joyful to have you in my heart, I miss my adorable girl.

I Miss You My Child Quotes


31. A wonderful daughter is a special gift from God, and I’m lucky to have one, she is the love of my life and the joy of my heart, waking up every morning without seeing your lovely face is hard, I miss you so much.

32. A cheerful heart always for you, a memorable time ever with you, a wonderful daughter is what you are, may your life be full of beauty, I would care for you forever,
wishing you a lovely day, I miss you.

33. Thousand of miles cannot take who you are from my heart; you are a beautiful, loving daughter to my heart, I dream of a beautiful world for you, I pray for you day and night, I love you.

34. I may not see your face now, I may not hear your voice now, but your beautiful thought warns my heart every second that passes, you are one beautiful soul that make my
life complete, thank God I have you a lovely daughter like you, I cherish you every single moment that passes, I miss you.

35. I’m lonely here thinking about you; you have always been a fantastic child, may peace and love-filled heart. Remember you have a beautiful mother who wishes you well all the time, make me proud, make me smile. I would always be there for you.

36. Your love is one powerful thing in my heart. I can’t imagine how life would have been without a lovely daughter like you. You came at a time when I need someone close to my heart, someone, that I can call a child, someone to laugh play. You make my beautiful moments; you make me a birth mother, I would always be by your side. I miss you.

37. You blow my heart with love when smile at me. You dream my dreams when say your mind. People say you look like me, so you are my replica. I feel so joyful because I have you, you bloom like the summer flower, you shine like the moon as well. You are all my heart; when you are away, I feel as if part of me is missing, be a good girl out there,
make us proud, I miss you.

38. Am blessed in my life; I’m a fulfilled woman because I have an angel of a daughter, she is beautiful and elegant, she is love and peaceful, I cherish my sweet daughter all the time, I miss you so too.

39. As a little child, you are so close to my heart; as a young adult, you make me such a happy mother. Your love would never leave my spirit; you’re the joy of my heart, the music of my soul, and the sweet memories that keep me smiling every day that passes. You may be hundreds of mile from home, but I see you in my dream every day, you would be fine, the angels would be your guide, I miss you.

40. A beautiful girl is full of life heart-whole of motherly care. I feel as if I can see you and touch you now, your sweet memories filled my heart. Your smile and your cute laughter are what I miss most, be a fantastic child out there, the one that mama would be proud of, and always know that I miss you.

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