Huge must-see 9 lbs. Toblerone bars just hit Amazon’s lowest price on Valentine’s Day

Huge must-see 9 lbs. Toblerone bars just hit Amazon's lowest price on Valentine's Day

Huge must-see 9 lbs. Toblerone bars just hit Amazon’s lowest price on Valentine’s Day


If you’re looking for a basically unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift, or have a serious sweet tooth, Amazon is now offering a huge 9-pound Toblerone Bar for an all-time low price.Regularly $119, this behemoth is now making $101 shippedThat’s an expensive chocolate bar, but it’s also over 2.5 feet of Swiss chocolate and a delicious almond nougat that will almost certainly make a lasting impression on its existence this year. That’s the lowest price we’ve tracked on Amazon for this giant candy mountain. More details are below.

If that’s a little too much for your gift-giving needs, and it probably should be, take a look at the smaller Toblerone gift boxes available on Amazon, starting at just over $10.50 with a Prime with page coupon. No one will remember this for a few months like the nine-pound legend above, but they won’t think you’re crazy either.

Looking for some cool (and great deals) tech and clothing gifts? Check out some of the highlights now available in the list below:

More on 9lbs. Toblon:

  • A 9 lb 14.7 oz Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate with Honey and Almond Nougat Jumbo Candy Bar
  • Extra-large Swiss milk chocolate bar with delicious honey and crunchy almond nougat
  • Giant chocolate bars made with premium ingredients
  • Bulk candy bars are great for gifting on special occasions like Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, and more
  • Comes in the iconic triangular Toblerone packaging

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