How Whitney Spends Valentine’s Day

How Whitney Spends Valentine's Day

How Whitney Spends Valentine’s Day


My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore decided to celebrate this Valentine’s Day a little differently than in recent years.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is often stressful, but stars My big fat man wonderful life, Whitney Way Thore proves she doesn’t have any sense when explaining how she’s spending her special day. The dancer is always a bit eccentric when it comes to her quirky personality, and fans think this recent post has taken the cake. Whitney shares her in-depth plans as her French boyfriend still lives in Paris.

Since Whitney’s TLC show first aired, followers have known that the star is very open about sex and sexuality. While she’d dated several men in her time, Whitney also revealed that she wouldn’t turn down dating women. Recently, the dancer shared that she is straight. Whitney revealed that while she is usually heterosexual, she will have sex with people of the same gender. Whitney has built a brand on inclusivity that resonates with most of her followers. The star often talks openly about sex with her friends, never shunning taboo topics.

Screencast of the day

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The star had no problem talking about her intimate lifestyle over the holiday weekend. Whitney shared a video showing fans that just because she might not have a partner, she’s fine. On Valentine’s Day, Whitney took to her social media to talk about sex toys as a social media influencer. The comedian shared a video of her singing “I Touch Myself” with the Divinyls in the shower. The video shows her blistering and basically playing with her favorite sex toy. Check out Whitney’s video below:

Whitney wants fans to embrace the idea of ​​self-care, especially on V-Day. Although Whitney has been in a relationship for over a year, her mystery man is still overseas, so she has to figure out how to please herself. Even though Whitney is sharing an ad, fans still find her humor important. Many Whitney followers agree that this is the best sex toy and Valentine’s day ad they’ve ever seen.

although My big fat man wonderful life Fans loved the ad, others found it too provocative. Whitney has grown accustomed to her hate and has just shut down the mean comments on her account. TLC viewers are hoping the network will announce the next season, especially after the last season hangs in the balance. Whitney seems happy with her long-distance boyfriend.

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Source: Whitney Saul/Instagram

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