How Varia spent Valentine’s Day after Jeffrey’s conviction

How Varia spent Valentine's Day after Jeffrey's conviction

How Varia spent Valentine’s Day after Jeffrey’s conviction


90 Day FiancĂ© star Varya Malina embraces self-care on Valentine’s Day while her partner Geoffrey Paschel is jailed for the attack.

Because of the imprisonment of Geoffrey Paschel, 90 day fiancĂ© Alumna Varya Malina spent Valentine’s Day alone, enjoying herself in Knoxville, Tennessee. As fans may know, the 44-year-old reality star was found guilty in October 2021 of assaulting an ex-lover. Finally, in February 2022, 90DF Alum Jeffrey was sentenced to 18 years in prison without parole. Varya believes her man is innocent, even if he is found guilty.She supported him on social media, even pleading 90 day fiancĂ© The audience sent him money in prison.

While Varya hopes Geoffrey will have a retrial, she is definitely under a lot of pressure. A few days ago, the Russian revealed that she had entered counseling because she was tired of faking her emotions. Meanwhile, Varia is trying to cope with the stress by indulging in self-care. In the past week, 90 day fiancĂ© fans watched 90DFVarya’s very happy side on social media when she posted about getting anti-aging treatments. She also added life to her old hairstyle, which is now shorter with blonde highlights.

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With Jeffrey now behind bars, Varia was unable to celebrate Valentine’s Day with him.However, she made a video and got 90 day fiancĂ© Fans are excited for this special occasion. She wished her 309K Instagram followers a Happy Valentine’s Day and shared seven cute date ideas with them. she wrote,”No matter what day is on the calendar, no matter what your relationship status is, you should love yourself and be kind to yourself.“She calls this self-care “date with your beloved.” Some of her ideas include going to a coffee shop, watching a movie, going to a salon, buying new lingerie or indulging in skin care.

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although 90DFVarya, who hasn’t been able to meet her man, has been practicing self-care all Valentine’s Day. 90 day fiancĂ© Viewers thanked the 33-year-old reality star for sharing her amazing dating ideas. One fan commented: “It’s actually my mom’s birthday, so these ideas sound great.“Another interjection,”Remember, there will always be sunshine or rainbows.“Another fan wrote,”Today is definitely a day of indulgence.Earlier, Varia revealed that she hadn’t seen Jeffrey in person since his conviction, as his prison facility had not allowed in-person visits for the past five years. However, she confirmed that she was on video every day Chat with him.

In fact, she posted a few 90DFThe photos of Jeffrey in prison, which may have been clicked during their video call. 90 day fiancĂ© If she didn’t meet him in person, fans can assume that Varia must have spoken to her boyfriend. She might spend the rest of her time in a salon or spa pampering herself with Botox or a new hairstyle.Although some 90 day fiancĂ© Fans feel sorry for Varya, others think she should leave Geoffrey.

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