How To Throw THE Best Christmas Party Ever!!

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Make your Christmas Party a night to remember with these Amazing Ideas that will help ROCK the night and ma

How To Throw THE Best Christmas Party Ever!!

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Make your Christmas Party a night to remember with these Amazing Ideas that will help ROCK the night and make it one to remember!!!

I remember the first year the Hubs and I threw a Christmas party for our friends, I was stressed out of my mind. I was so worried about if my friends would all get along, would my food taste okay, would everyone actually show up. You know the usual party insecurities that we all share. 

I remember the whole night I was a ball of nerves running around making sure everyone was well fed and having fun – that I actually had no fun at all. And at the end of the night after saying the last goodbyes of the night and finally sitting down and putting my feet up totally exhausted that I vowed that parties are to be enjoyed not endured and that the next year would be better! 

So now a Christmas Party throwing veteran, if you will, I have learned from mistakes and missteps and party fouls to bring you my TOP tips for throwing the BEST Christmas Party EVER! The kind where your friends are still talking about it weeks later and they start awkwardly asking you in the beginning of November when your party will be so they can make sure and get it on the schedule so it will not be missed!! All this without the drama and stress! 


Make your Christmas Party a night to remember with these Amazing Ideas that will help ROCK the night and ma

So here it is dear friends, my online survival guide for having one heck of a party and keeping your sanity intact!! 

#1 —Christmas Party Invitations:  Send out invites at least 2 weeks in advance! Christmas is a crazy time and people are busy!! The more heads up you give people the better! Hand delivered and designed invitations are fun, but evites can be equally fun and are super convenient! Keep it simple, a quick perusal of Christmas party invites on Pinterest and you will come up with quite a few free printable Christmas invites that are easily printed out! But honestly evites are the easiest and they save trees if you’re into that 😉 

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#2 — Delegate! – Just because you’re hosting doesn’t mean you need to shoulder the entire burden! Your friends want to help and giving assignments gives everyone a chance to join in on the fun! I usually will make the main dish and a killer dessert. – Then I’ll assign appetizers, salads, a bread, and sides! – It’s always fun to see how creative everyone is with the Christmas Party Themes I come up with every year. And making assignment ensures that you don’t end up with all Jell-O salads been there done that… So if you are going to give up the reigns and delegate which I highly recommend – giving very SPECIFIC assignments! 

#3 — Plan on Games!!! Christmas Party Games are sooo much fun and can take a ho-hum party to the next level… Picking the just the right games can ensure an evening filled with laughter and moments that are, downright pee your pants funny! 

Our Favorites over the years…

Christmas Carol PictionaryWhile your guests are arriving, put out a jar or vase with scraps of paper and pens and have everyone write as many Christmas Carols as they can think of and have them write them on the pieces of paper and put them in the jar! To start the game separate your guests into two teams… Husbands Vs. Wives is always a hoot!  Then have a whiteboard for your friends to use and then let the fun begin… Imagine your friends trying to draw “Feliz Navidad”… #bestpartyever

White Elephant Exchange… This is usually the highlight of the night! First, tell your guests to each bring a gift and assign a dollar amount. Nothing is worse than bringing a $20 gift and you get stuck with something from the dollar store! So make sure to assign a $ amount so everyone brings something of equal value.  We’ve tried many different methods for the exchange, but our favorite way is writing a number for each guest i.e. 1-12 or however many people you have in attendance. Then each guest will draw a number at random this will let them and everyone else know the “order” of gift choosing! #1 is first and can pick from any of the gifts in the pile! Being 1st is not too exciting… But when #2 goes the fun gets notched up! #2 can either pick a different gift from the pile or they can steal the gift that #1 picked! And so it goes through everyone’s turn… Usually, we put a cap on the amount of “steals” can be made of an individual gift for the game to 3…for example the Handmade Duct Tape Vest and Gift Card to Home Depot can only be stolen three times. So if you are the third steal you can rest assured those puppies are going home with you!  We encourage zany and “naughty” gifts to spice up the night! 😉  For my Ultimate Round-Up of  Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas Go >>HERE

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Who am I?!?  before everyone arrives I write celebrity names on index cards and as everyone arrives I pin a name on everyone’s back… then everyone goes around asking only “yes” or “no” questions till they figure out who they are! This is a fun way to help break the ice as your guests are arriving and getting to know one another. 

What Child Is This? Before the party ask everyone to send you a baby pic… Then make a poster including everyone’s baby pic and then have your guests guess who’s who! This is a lot of fun!

Minute To Win It Games! These can be total hilarity! Who doesn’t love watching your friends inch an Oreo from their forehead to their mouth!! Dating Divas created awesome printable instructions with over 50 ideas to help make your Christmas Party the best! Click HERE to check it out! 

Gift yours guests Planters Nuts!

#4 Make fun hostess gifts for your guests!! I always like to send my guests home with a little goody bag that I put together a couple days ahead of time with some yummy treats. It’s always a fun and thoughtful way to show your guests how much you appreciate them coming to your party! 

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#5 Set The Scene With The Perfectly Dressed Table:   Tips for setting the perfect table. #1 lighting! Use a couple different sources to help with ambiance! Candles are a must! Place your little gifts for your guests to help dress the table and make it more festive!! Mix it up and have fun! Don’t have enough of one color place mat? Mix and Match – It adds a level of fun and no one will know the difference!

The Perfect Tablescape with Planters Nuts

#5 — Menu plan ahead! Make things that you can make ahead! Not having to be in the middle of whipping up dinner as your guests are arriving will alleviate a ton of stress! Using your crockpot or have it all cooked and kept warm in the oven until your guests are ready to eat are both game changers to managing stress the night of the party!! Desserts are also pretty easy to make ahead! 


#6 ­­– Make sure you RELAX & Enjoy the night!!  As the hostess with the mostest, it’s easy to get stressed out, hoping everyone is having a good time, has enough to eat, and that everyone is getting along! But remember to take a deep BREATH and ENJOY it!

In the grand scheme of things, nobody will notice that you forgot a  decoration or your roast was a little overcooked! But what everyone will remember the fun and the laughter! In the years that we’ve done our annual party, I can barely remember some of the themes and the little details I totally stressed over! But I have SOOOO many fond and awesome memories of these nights and how much fun we had and the pranks that were pulled and inside jokes! These are the memories I truly treasure!!!


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