How to Design a Baby Shower Candy Table

How to Design a Baby Shower Candy Table

How to Design a Baby Shower Candy Table

Baby showers are celebrations of new life. Every item for babies is soft and cute and comfy, a joyous acknowledgment of the cute little being who’s about to come into the world. A baby shower should be no different! Organizing guest lists, setting up a yummy buffet, and selecting party games are all part of shower planning duties – but to really emphasize the sweetness of the occasion, you might want to include a baby shower candy table!

Never thought of decking out your baby shower with candy jars? This tasty candy table idea is a creative way to honor new moms. However, if the thought of putting together a candy buffet makes you a little stressed, we’re here to take the guesswork out of it! Here are some great suggestions to help make your baby shower candy table fun and unique!

Baby Shower Candy Table For Boys or Girls?

Traditional showers might feature color themes based on the gender of the child, and that theme will extend to your baby shower dessert table. Boys often invoke blues and greens while girls might draw pinks and yellows. If there’s a cotton candy lover in your family or friend group, this is the perfect opportunity!

However you choose to approach the gender theme, candy can help! Dress a baby shower candy table for a boy or girl with gender-themed candy and decorations for a personal touch that’s unique to the baby!

A pink-themed "candy bar" filled with various candies and desserts.

Pick a Theme

Of course, if you’d rather the event remain genderless, no sweat! With all the amazing variety of candy out there, you can always go wild with a rainbow of candy for your guests. In fact, if you’re not going for gender-related colors, you still have a ton of fun themes you might use with regards to the baby shower dessert table. It could be based on:

  • The baby’s name: a Bruce might earn a Batman motif, or you can choose only candies that start with the same letter as the baby’s name! You can even get custom candy hearts or other hard candies printed with the baby’s name and due date.
  • The profession of one of the parents: imagine a cute fire-engine motif to celebrate a parent’s bravery, or candied apples and apple-flavored sours for parents who are teachers.
  • Baby items – like teddy bears, baby carriages, pacifiers, and baby bottles – are all-time classics.
  • Baby “food”: For a humorous twist, you can have a baby shower dessert table full of only gummy candies to honor the adorable toothless baby to come.
  • A candy “bar”: Okay, so the mother-to-be can’t indulge the way she might want to. No problem! Set up a “bar” where all the glasses and bottles are filled with colorful themed candy.

The only limit to candy table ideas is your own creativity!

Build a Table Centerpiece

A table centerpiece is the crown jewel of any good table, and it’s even more likely to draw the attention a centerpiece deserves if it’s made of sweet candy! Consider a tiered platter featuring delectable treats or an elegant, edible candy bouquet to really make your baby shower candy table pop!

A table with a floral tablecloth and polkadot birthday bags on top of displayed plates.

Favor Bags

Your baby shower dessert table or candy buffet will probably be full of options, which is great! But it’s also unrealistic to think people will eat all that candy in one event. Favor bags allow guests to take sweet treats home with them, and provide an opportunity to extend your shower’s theme. You can even get bags made in reusable materials and have them printed with the date of the shower for a sweet keepsake.

Another great candy table idea is to utilize candy favor bags is as part of an activity or game your guests can play during the party. Put together a White Elephant-like trading game and let people have fun with surprise treats!

Whether you encourage guests to fill their favor bags during the festivities, or you pre-package them as a departing gift, your attendees will be delighted to bring home a cute bundle of goodies to commemorate the occasion.

Decorated Candy Apples

Of course you can stock your baby shower dessert table with whatever your heart desires, but decorated candy apples are a classically sweet baby shower treat that can easily be customized for the occasion. Make DIY apples with fun-colored glazes, or have them professionally decorated if you’re feeling fancy.

If you know the baby’s name, write it in thin frosting or chocolate around the top of the apples with the date of the shower on the side, or focus on decorating the stick with ribbons and bows. However you slice it, these candy-coated fruits are sure to make an adorable impression on all your friends and family!

Reuse and Recycle

The best part is that many of these candy table ideas can be used long after the baby is born! Tables and centerpieces can be repurposed with all sorts of great decorating ideas for future birthdays and holiday celebrations. Store up ideas and decorations as your child grows and keep customizing your buffet table to suit what they like at the time!

A baby shower is a special occasion in any new family, and you want every detail to be perfect. If you decide to have a baby shower candy table, then hopefully our tips can help you to set it up just right so that you can focus on the important part – choosing the candy of course! Need some inspiration? Check out all the delicious gourmet candy available through Candy Club’s subscription boxes, and see if your imagination doesn’t leap with excitement for your upcoming event!

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