How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day If You’re Not in Love – The GW Hatchet

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day If You're Not in Love – The GW Hatchet

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day If You’re Not in Love – The GW Hatchet


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If you’re not in a relationship but still want to have fun during the holidays, there are a variety of activities you can do alone or with friends to make the most of Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re looking forward to or dreading Valentine’s Day, here are some enticing ways to spend the day spreading and feeling love.

If you have someone special to spend with DC, the 14th is definitely a sublime place, but if you’re planning on spending the day alone or with friends, the holiday is equally as offering. If you’re not booing this year, direct your love to yourself, your best friend, and your favorite things to do.

Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day is Monday this year, but you can do any of these things before Sunday, or just implement them into your daily routine and still feel like it’s a special day.

please do it yourself
If you choose to spend the day alone, start with your favorite coffee and breakfast. Whether that means grabbing a coffee and a bagel at the recently opened West End restaurant Call Your Mother or a sweet treat at Boulangerie Christophe in George Town, it’s a short, low-key walk and a good meal on a normal day.

Relax for a night of self-care. Watch a movie you’ve watched a million times, or start a feel-good, guilty entertainment show like the new season of Love Is Blind, which hits Netflix on Friday. Make it a wine night and order a bottle of red or white wine from Foxtrot, along with some chocolate or ice cream.

Embark on a hiking trip
If you’re in an active, adventurous mood, choose a separate day trip. Commit to an activity that you enjoy or that excites you—something you’ve wanted to do for a while but haven’t had a chance to do it.

Start your day at the Hirshhorn Museum with a visit to the immersive audiovisual experience “Lauri Anderson: The Weather.” Then stroll through the sculpture garden, where you can browse more than 20 figures, such as the striking “AMOR” sculpture, or stop for a snack at the Pavilion Café. Alternatively, visit the National Arboretum or shop in Georgetown, ending the afternoon on the waterfront.

Celebrating Platonic Love
Valentine’s Day is also the perfect excuse to plan an ideal day for you and your friends. Choose to enjoy a sumptuous bottomless brunch at El Centro, The Fainting Goat or Agora for a few hours before exploring the exciting neighborhoods surrounding their respective restaurants.

After that, the world is your oyster. With the weather expected to be cold on Monday, you can choose from a variety of indoor excursions and bring your friends – head to the District Winery for a wine tasting or spend a few hours until the march at the Van Gogh immersive exhibit opening in Washington, D.C.

Brave a hike through Rock Creek Park or Theodore Roosevelt Island, or pack your favorite drinks and snacks for a picnic at the monument or National Cathedral. That night, go out and sing karaoke for a delicious dinner you wouldn’t normally splurge or attend Black Cat’s free Valentine’s Rock Party.

Get creative, step out of your comfort zone, and remind yourself that your love isn’t just reserved for your significant other. It’s for everyone and everything you love: music, movies, food, sports, art, your friends and yourself.

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