How the Plath siblings spent Valentine’s Day

How the Plath siblings spent Valentine's Day

How the Plath siblings spent Valentine’s Day


After Season 3 of “Welcome to Plathville,” many fans saw the Plath kids part ways. See how each of them celebrated Valentine’s Day.

fans missed watching Welcome to Plathville It’s on TV, but the Plath kids have been keeping followers informed about their lives, including their most recent Valentine’s Day celebration. Although Plath’s kids are scattered across the country, they’ve been finding plenty of time to visit each other, which fans love to see. See how the kids at Plath are celebrating the latest holiday.

Plath family from Welcome to Plathville Including unconventional parents Kim and Barry and their nine children. After such an isolated childhood, some older kids have moved out of their rural Georgia home to pursue their passions. Moriah has become a singer-songwriter and just released her first single. Micah moved to Los Angeles to start his modeling career and loves his city life. Olivia and Ethan moved to Florida with Moriah and continued to work on their marriage while Olivia expanded her photography career.

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While the Plath kids aren’t all under one roof, they’ve found ways to spend the holidays together, including Valentine’s Day. Ever since Micah and Moriah took a road trip to the Grand Canyon, fans have been waiting to see what’s next for them. Olivia and her husband of three years, Ethan, used their Instagram post to quell all divorce rumors. They celebrated Valentine’s Day with Ethan’s brother Micah. She posted a lovely story about the two brothers with the caption “Happy Valentine’s Day to the OG couple haha. “

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although Welcome to Plathville Fans know that Lydia has someone special in her heart, and it appears she is currently single. She spent Valentine’s Day with a large group of her favorite girls. Lydia looked happy to join her friends at a party that included strawberries and chocolate cake. She revealed that after Valentine’s Day, Mika returned to Cairo to visit her and their sister. Lydia’s new music has also wowed fans, and they can’t wait to see what she does next.

Isaac has an Instagram, but he’s not that active on social media and hasn’t posted for about a month. Moriah has also kept quiet amid rumours of a Valentine’s Day breakup with her longtime boyfriend Max Kallschmidt. Many fans see this as another sign that the duo is officially over, although Max still appears to be close to Moriah’s family. Instead, Moriah debuted her latest ink with a bold new look.Fans will have to wait Welcome to Plathville Season 4 ends her relationship, but in the meantime, they can check out their Instagram for some sweet family stuff.

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Source: Lydia Plath/Instagram, Olivia Plath/Instagram

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