How Every Wife Celebrates Valentine’s Day

How Every Wife Celebrates Valentine's Day

How Every Wife Celebrates Valentine’s Day


Each star of TLC’s Sister Wives decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day in their own way, with Kristen, Merry and Janelle all posting on social media.

Cody Brown’s wives were in love sister wife star, but now, after years of marriage, it seems most people are spending Valentine’s Day without him. Compared with other seasons, sister wife Season 16 is nothing like what viewers have seen before. This season features Cody’s wives getting sick of his behavior, and they’re starting to resent it.

In recent seasons, the Browns have struggled to come to terms on how to deal with a global pandemic. Cody would prefer it if every wife stayed at home and obeyed his orders. However, Janelle and Christine chose each other and their ability to travel. Viewers could clearly see Cody and his remaining wife struggling romantically, leaving many wondering how Kristen, Janelle, Merry, and Robin chose to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Screencast of the day

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Kristen Brown

As many TLC viewers know, Kristen left her marriage and Cody in November 2021. This is her first year of being single on Valentine’s Day in a long time. In an Instagram post, Kristen shared a message of love and hope, which has featured the former reality TV star. She mentioned the importance of focusing on family. Christine also wore a festive red outfit to mark the occasion.

Janelle Brown

As for Janelle, a mother of six, she was busy running a small business until February 14. While on a business trip with Plexus in North Carolina, she made a quick stop to see the love of her life: her grandchildren. Janelle posted a photo of her granddaughter Evie and grandson Axel. Both are growing fast, so it makes sense that Janelle would want to spend a little more time with them before the holidays.

Merry Brown

As for Merry, she had a very nice Valentine’s Day, which included sending herself flowers. While still living at her Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, she told followers that sometimes they have to bring their own sister wife Viewers know that Cody says he doesn’t see a romantic future with his first wife, but Merry seems to be keeping his spirits up no matter what.

Robin Brown

robin brown sisters wives

Once again, Robin failed to post a love-themed cry to her followers or husband. sister wife Viewers can only assume that Robin and Cody spent the day alone. More than once, Cody has made it clear that he’d choose Robin every Valentine’s Day if he could, so it’s good that other wives make their own plans.

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Source: Christine Brown/Instagram, Janelle Brown/Instagram, Meri Brown/Instagram

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