How Bachelor Nation Spends Valentine’s Day 2022

How Bachelor Nation Spends Valentine's Day 2022

How Bachelor Nation Spends Valentine’s Day 2022


The roses are here!While Bachelor Nation couples include Thomas Jacobs and Becca Coughlin, Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rogers and Matt James and Rachel Kirk Cornellcelebrating their love on Valentine’s Day, Clayton EtchardContinue your journey to find The One.

The Season 26 protagonist watched the episode over the holidays and joined fans live on Twitter.On Monday, February 14, during the series’ installment, Clayton sent the controversial cast Shanna Ankeny Home – which makes the other women in the house happy.

“Wow! What a crazy ride,” the 29-year-old Ohio native started Monday via Instagram. โ€œI had the opportunity to spend the day with my first love dad yesterday and I am so grateful for this special relationship in my life. I took some time to reflect on this life as we made donuts and lugged a dollar I want to thank all of my ‘friends at home’ and my family for supporting me on this journey.”

Shanae then addressed her critics.

“For those of you who don’t know me, I want to share something. If you choose to judge me based on the five hours of footage you watch, I’m sorry you didn’t see the real me,” she wrote. “If you’re so quick to say you’d never be ‘so mean to someone’ while sending me ugly messages that I wouldn’t retweet – that doesn’t make you any better than me. My truth doesn’t fit EVERYONE – Real never makes everyone happy. I promised myself a long time ago that my heart would never be guided by anyone but myself. There’s a lot in the store, and now, I just want to eat Shrimp, keep being who you are.”

She concluded: โ€œGood luck Clayton and I hope you find what your heart desires. Itโ€™s an honor to be a part of your journey! ๐ŸŒนโ€

While Clayton kept his tweets light on Monday’s broadcast — joking about the names of drinks and food in Croatia — he has previously addressed the Elizabeth Corrigan She was sent back to Shanae’s home after the latter made fun of the real estate agent’s ADHD.

Joe Amabel and Serena Pittsomeone you met in season 7 Bachelor in Paradise In the summer of 2021, also tuned into this episode, the “Clickbait” host called Rachel Recchia the frontrunner.

“Did Clayton tell Rachel in a mysterious way that it was her??” he tweeted. In another post, he revealed his and Serena’s post-show plans, writing: “We’re watching the stream after. It’s going to be great.”

Scroll through for a breakdown of how bachelor couples celebrated Valentine’s Day:

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