Here’s where to get the 2022 Star Wars Valentine’s Funko POP

Here's where to get the 2022 Star Wars Valentine's Funko POP

Here’s where to get the 2022 Star Wars Valentine’s Funko POP


Where can you get the 2022 Star Wars Valentine’s Funko POP? Despite being some of the best Star Wars Valentine’s Day gifts, it’s hard to find them at reasonable prices. That’s why we’ve been busy rounding up this year’s options here.

While previous lines have focused on original trilogy characters like Darth Vader, the new series’ Star Wars Valentine’s Funko POPs are firmly rooted in the Mandalorian era. That means Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) is in the lead when it comes to buying some heart-shaped cookies from Walmart for $19.99, followed by Ahsoka, Jedi Master Luke and Mando himself.

Unfortunately for us, these Star Wars Valentine’s Day Funko POP figures are struggling under the fog of the dark side…or delayed shipping. Unless you go directly to Funko’s official website (in which case you can’t guarantee all of this anyway, since Grogu is oddly absent), the release date is vague, or the model ends up being grossly overrated.For example, Walmart’s deals are much more expensive than alternatives like Pop in a Box, which cost $14.95 — but delivery is expected Yes Much faster.

With that in mind, we’ve listed below all current Star Wars Lover Funko POPs at the lowest prices and fastest delivery. After some research, Best Buy and Walmart seem to be the top picks due to expected February 18 delivery. It’s not timely considering the fact that Valentine’s Day itself is four full days away, but still – looks like your best bet.

If you think these aren’t quite right, you can find a broader overview of Amazon’s Star Wars Valentine’s Day collection and more general Star Wars gifts with our guide.

Where to Buy Star Wars Valentine’s Day Funko POP

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