Here’s What Kevin O’Leary Says About Who Should Pay for Valentine’s Dinner

Here's What Kevin O'Leary Says About Who Should Pay for Valentine's Dinner

Here’s What Kevin O’Leary Says About Who Should Pay for Valentine’s Dinner


There shouldn’t be any confusion about who will pay for this year’s Valentine’s Day dinner. Kevin O’Leary says dating can avoid awkward moments when checks come by by following a simple rule.

“If you’re the one asking, you pay,” said Judge O’Leary of CNBC’s “Money Court.” “When you go out and make an invitation, that’s how it works.”

American couples are expected to spend between $175 and $210 to celebrate the holiday, CNBC Make It reported last week. According to the National Retail Federation, the number of couples planning to “go out at night” is close to pre-pandemic levels.

When it comes to who should pay for the night, O’Leary said it should always be the one who asks the other person on a date.

“The presumptive rule of dating is that you pay, especially if it’s the first date you want to show some kind of interest,” he said.

Eating out isn’t the only expense couples may encounter. Prices of other Valentine’s Day-related items have risen this year due to inflation, with the price of roses 22% higher than they were at the same time last year, according to NBC Finance. Assorted chocolates are 9% more expensive.

This isn’t the first time O’Leary has shared dating advice. He previously told CNBC Make It that when newlyweds go on their third date, they should be ready to “discuss your financial goals for the rest of your life.”

That’s because he says the number one reason couples separate is stress due to factors such as different perspectives on dealing with finances.

“The third date is when you really have the conversation, because if you don’t have the conversation, you might find out some really bad things about the person you should be asking,” he said.

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