Happy Thanksgiving 2021 Menu for 15 – Home Front Cooking

Happy Thanksgiving 2019 {Menu for 15} – Home Front Cooking

Happy Thanksgiving 2021 Menu for 15 – Home Front Cooking

I share a lot of individual recipes here, but sometimes you need to put them together to have them fully shine! Here is how I’m combining current and future recipes for the Thanksgiving feast we will be hosting for family and friends this menu is planned for a table of 15.

When we’re cooking for friends, sometimes we just need a couple good recipes. But sometimes, you want an event. Sometimes you need the appetizers, the cocktails, all the sides because Thanksgiving is totally about the sides, right?, a couple spectacular main events, and the dessert – with coffee to keep you from going into a food coma.

Or at least that’s the philosophy I used to put this menu together!

This time of year, we host a Friendsgiving, a Thanksgiving, and a few other Sunday supper gatherings, and those are always a collection of recipes, not a single recipe and done. And this year, my recipe choices are all about tradition with a few twists. You all know I’m all about things maple and savory, but I’m also about celebrating local Virginia and Chesapeake flavors, which is what this menu highlights.

Put all those things together, and I’ve got a Thanksgiving menu that’s rich, savory, flavorful, and touched with elements of the Chesapeake Bay. I hope you enjoy these as much as we have!

Thanksgiving Menu 2021

~ Appetizers ~

~ Drinks ~

~ Main Event ~

~ Sides ~

~ Dessert ~

Wishing you all the happiest of Thanksgivings, and hope you can celebrate surrounded by friends, family, and good food!

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