Happy Mother’s Day Sister – Etandoz

Happy Mother’s Day Sister - Etandoz

Happy Mother’s Day Sister – Etandoz

While a Mother and a daughter have a special bond, sisters also share a very special relationship. Their shared experiences growing up mean they often share similar goals, aspirations, and lifestyles. If sisters both have children, now their children play together and watching them play brings fond memories of their own childhoods. Just like their own children, they made handmade Mother’s Day cards for Mom.

Now, all grown up, that special bond between sisters is stronger than ever. So, use these Mother’s Day wishes to share with your sister and tell her just how much you love, respect, and admire her.

Best Happy Mother’s Day Sister Wishes

1.) Sis, when we were little and played dress-up, I wanted to dress like you. Happy Mother’s Day!

2.) I knew you’d make a great Mom Sis because you’re just like me.

3.) You were always a fabulous Sister, like to return the compliment?

4.) As a sister, I admire you every day, as a Mom not so much. Only kidding Sis.

5.) Having a sister is magical. Look I pulled a rabbit out of my hat! Happy Mother’s Day!

6.) I love it that we’re both Moms, just like our Mom. Have a nice day!

7.) Sis, the love you have for your children is as beautiful as you.


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Funny Happy Mother’s Day Sister Messages

8.) What could be more relaxing on Mother’s Day, than two sisters enjoying a glass of wine? Cheers!

9.) Let’s review… on Mother’s Day would you like a beer or flowers? Uh, beer, was there ever any doubt? Happy Mother’s Day Sis!

10.) To my sister, if we were any closer, we’d be the same person. Happy Mother’s Day!

11.) Sis, you were the best at making up games for us to play. Just have fun on Mother’s Day!

12.) Know what’s funny sis? After all these years, I still know what you’re thinking. Wine and a nap!

13.) I don’t know how you do it, my beautiful sister. You’re the perfect Mom, you work so hard, and you’re always there for your kids. And you still look better than me.

Greetings for Sisters

14.) As kids growing up, you were always the creative one. How did I miss out on that? Happy Mother’s Day Sis!

15.) Sis, your bright shining light fills a room with sunshine, can you turn it down a notch?

16.) Sisterhood is tough and Motherhood is difficult, but you handle both perfectly!

17.) Here’s a Mother’s Day wish for my sister as we grow old together. Remember, I’m the younger one!

18.) You are an excellent Mother and Sister and you deserve a day at the spa with me.

19.) Sis, this is your very first Mother’s Day, let’s go wild, leave the baby with Dad. Wait, what am I thinking?

20.) As a sister, you’re unmatched, but as a Mother, you’re hard to catch. Happy Mother’s Day!

21.) My dear Sister, you need more than flowers for Mother’s Day. Let’s go shopping!

22.) Remember how we used to share secrets when we were little Sis? Well here’s a Mother’s Day secret for you, YOU’RE THE BEST! Whoops, I should have whispered.

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Happy Mothers Day To My Sister

23.) You are an amazing Mom, just like you are an amazing sister.

24.) Today is a special day for a great mom, my sister!

25.) We had a lot of fun and laughs as kids, let’s keep it going, Sis.

26.) You were always a great Sister, but now you’re an even greater Mother!

27.) It’s fun to watch our kids play together, reminds me of us.

28.) To my incredible sister on Mother’s Day. Being sisters together was a treat, but it’s even better to be Moms together.

29.) As a sister, you were an inspiration, as a Mother you’re awesome. I’m proud you’re my sister!

30.) Here’s to being sisters and mothers, what could be better?


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31.) Even when we were growing up, I knew you were a special person, and now you’re a special Mom!

32.) I can spend all day Mother’s Day reminiscing about our childhood together. Love you, Sis!

33.) My Sister, enjoy a beautiful day with your children, you deserve it on Mother’s Day!

34.) You are the best sister and an incredible Mom. How did I get so Lucky?

35.) Sis, you are a thoughtful Mom and the best friend I have. Enjoy this wonderful Mother’s Day!

36.) Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful Sister and her beautiful baby! You’re the best.

37.) As a big sister, you were always taking care of me. Now I see you taking the same care with your children and it’s wonderful.

38.) Happy Mother’s Day Sis I toast to the best friend a person could ask for and the kind of Mother I want to be!

39.) I hope you feel special today on Mother’s Day because you’re a special Sister and a special Mother.

40.) You are an amazing sister and a great mother. I want to tell everyone in the world that we are related!

Sweet Mother’s Day Messages for Sister

41.) Wherever you are, I’m there with you on this special day.

42.) Sis, even though we’re miles apart, I can feel you next to me, just like when we were kids.

43.) You are a blessing to me every day and I think of you all the time. We’re not together right now, but no one can separate Sisters on Mother’s Day.

44.) When you moved away from me, my heart broke. But now Sis, I’m excited to visit you on Mother’s Day!

45.) We live a long way apart from my incredible sister. So, on Mother’s Day, let’s pledge to meet in the middle.

46.) I hope the bond we have as sisters is the same bond you have with your children. Thinking of you on Mother’s Day.

47.) I wish I could be with you and your newborn on Mother’s Day, but know I will be there in spirit.

Inspirational Mother’s Day Greetings

48.) Sending you Happy Mother’s Day wishes from your far away Sister!

49.) Much happiness and prosperity for your life and much love and support today and every day. I wish I could be with you, Sis.

50.) Happy Mother’s Day to my lovely sister. I may not be with you, but I know you are always with me.

51.) To a sister in law that makes this whole mom-thing look easy.

52.) You are the most precious Sister and although there are many miles between us, our hearts are closer than ever.

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Love You, Sis

53.) Dear sister, you have been a bundle of joy in my life and now you have your own bundle of joy. I’ll see you soon.

54.) A great sister is a lot like a Mother, and even though our Mother is gone and we can’t be together. It doesn’t make Mother’s Day any less special.

55.) People come and go out of your life, but even if a Sister moves, she’s never far away from your heart.

56.) Having a twin sister on Mother’s Day is a great experience, being away from her is sad. I love you, Sis.

57.) I can feel your love across the miles my Sister. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day, I wish I could be with you!

58.) They say you can tell when two women are Sisters. I guess it’s because they always seem like they know what the other one is thinking. Sis, I’m thinking of you on Mother’s Day…enjoy!

59.) On Mother’s Day, I realize how much I miss you, my beautiful sister. We are both Mothers now and I want to be celebrating with you. Have a Happy Day!

60.) Sis, there are no words to express how much I would like to be with you on Mother’s Day. So, I’ll just say I love you and I miss you.

61.) It isn’t the easiest thing to tell your Sister just how much she means to you especially on Mother’s Day. But, believe me, you mean the world to me. 

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Short Greetings to Sister for Mother’s Day

63.) Hey, it’s Mother’s Day Sis, let’s make some cookies!

64.) Happy Mother’s Day to the cute sister.

65.) Sis, Mother’s Day is an excuse for me to say I love you!

66.) Mother’s Day? Wine and cheese please Sis.

67.) Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day, Sis — Woohoo!

68.) Sis, can you raise my children too?

69.) Happy Mother’s Day to my mirror image.

70.) My inseparable Sister, Happy Mother’s Day!

71.) It’s you and me against the world. How many points should we spot them?

72.) On this special day, may you have endless happiness!

73.) You are the perfect sibling and mother.

Heartwarming Mother’s Day Wishes For A Sister

74.) For my wonderful Sister a Mother’s Day gift. I love you!

75.) Sis, it’s Mother’s Day, let’s do lunch!

76.) Shopping with your sister: the perfect Mother’s Day!

77.) Let’s do Chinese Take Out for Mother’s Day Sis!

78.) The warmest of wishes for you on Mother’s Day my sister.

79.) Sisters Forever!

80.) You’re an awesome sister and mother!

81.) Happy Mother’s Day to the best Sister ever!

82.) Sis, for Mother’s Day a movie and glass of wine?

83.) In sports, I’d pick you, Sis.

84.) They say having a sister is God’s way of having you never walk alone.

85.) To my wonderful sister who also happens to be a wonderful mom!

Happy Mother’s Day Sister Quotes

86.) All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.
Abraham Lincoln

87.) Mothers are like glue. Even when you can’t see them, they’re still holding the family together.
Susan Gale

88.) It may be possible to gild pure gold, but who can make his mother more beautiful?
Mahatma Gandhi

89.) A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.
Victor Hugo

90.) There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one.
Jill Churchill

91.) Thank you for not telling my sisters that I’m your favorite.

92.) Motherhood: one dose of patience, two doses of humor, and an unlimited supply of wet towelettes.

93.) Mothers can look through a child’s eyes and see tomorrow.
Reed Markham

94.) There is nothing in the world of art like the songs mother used to sing.
Billy Sunday

95.) The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the heart of a mother.
St. Therese of Lisieux

96.) God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.
Rudyard Kipling

Short Mother’s Day Quotes

97.) Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.
Robert Browning

98.) An ounce of mother is worth a ton of priest.
Spanish Proverb

99.) Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.

100.) Mother is one to whom you hurry when you are troubled.
Emily Dickinson

101.) A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go.

102.) A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.

Recommendations for putting these greetings to use

Here are a few suggestions for making your sister’s Mother’s Day special.

A.) Drop off a bouquet of flowers during the week before Sunday. Mother’s Day might be hectic at home on the big day. But, on the Tuesday or Wednesday before, bring some flowers for her to enjoy all week long.

B.) Text her on Sunday morning (Mother’s Day) and call her on Sunday afternoon.

C.) If you visit her that week, bring along a special treat you know she’ll like, e.g., candy.

D.) Write out a card and explain why you think she’s an awesome mother!

— Tim Moodie

Tim Moodie is a Copywriter and Creative Director. He spent many years writing funny greeting cards, coffee mugs, and toilet paper for Recycled Paper Products. In addition, he created the box copy for novelty gifts including the Jesse Ventura Action Figures.

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