Gucci celebrates Valentine’s Day with an unlikely love story

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Gucci celebrates Valentine’s Day with an unlikely love story


Above: Ariana wearing Gucci Heart Charm Necklace ($670), Gucci Heart Charm Bracelet ($500), Gucci Heart Ring ($515), Gucci Link to Love Tourmaline and Diamond Ring ($3,270), Interlocking G 18k Ring ($1,095) and Interlocking G 18k Diamond Ring ($1,095).

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, the Gucci team showcased their creativity beyond the couture cutting room by telling the story of two unlikely lovers. The title is just right, A love story presented by Guccithe Italian fashion house has teamed up with Los Angeles-based artist Ariana Papademetropoulos for a limited-edition magazine that presents a surreal world where giants and fairies fall in love.

The entire magazine features Gucci’s Valentine’s 2022 collection, giving customers the chance to pass love house. Designed by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele, the collection offers everyone from jewelry and watches to instantly recognizable belts, bags and more. If you haven’t received gratitude for your partner, a gift from Gucci has never been more meaningful thanks to the variety of Michele’s collections.

Available in digital and print editions, the magazine showcases not only Gucci’s coveted collections, but also the power of its creative campaign and visual identity. Gucci’s new magazine tells the story of a little fairy, played by Papad Metropoulos herself, who is looking for a lover who is as petite as her, and her adventures.

220106 Gucci Cabral Scene 23 C 2775Alton wore a wool mohair jacket with feathers ($6,535), paired with wool mohair pants ($1,685) and a striped cotton shirt ($920).

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The love story is told in the form of a low-tech graphic novella, presented in a series of image collages inspired by the surreal pop style of the 60s. Charming, dramatic and even a little kitsch, the stylized imagery celebrates Gucci’s instantly recognizable aesthetic and inspires nostalgia imagined decades ago.

While much of Gucci’s creative energy is focused on the real world, whether it’s a return to the office after WFH or a recent collaboration with everyone’s favorite motorcycle enthusiast, Gucci offers a lens of fantasy and desire this Valentine’s Day . This surreal and otherworldly landscape aligns with the artistic interests of Ariana Papademetropoulos, known for her exploration of occultism and mysticism.

220106 Gucci Cabral Scene 23 C 2798Alton presents Ariana with the Gucci Logo Heart Ring ($365). Alton wears the Gucci Link to Love mirror ring ($1,415), the Gucci Link to Love stud ring ($2595) and the Gucci Link to Love striped ring ($1,595). Ariana wears the Interlocking G 18k Ring ($1,095).

to create A love story presented by Gucci, the Florentine-founded mansion also enlisted the help of photographer Alexandra Cabral and set designer Grace Surnow to bring Papademetropoulos’ vision to life. So while this captivating fable tells the fascinating story of two unlikely lovers, Gucci’s Valentine’s 2022 collection is an opportunity to create your own romance with the special someone in your life.

you can check out A love story presented by Gucci Click on any image for the links below, as well as select items from Gucci’s 2022 Valentine’s Day Collection. If you want a print edition, you can pick one from the Gucci Garden bookstore in Florence or the Gucci Wooster boutique in New York.

220106 Gucci Cabral Scene 21 A 2454Alton wore a Gucci Link to Love inlaid ring ($2,595) and a Gucci Link to Love mirrored ring ($1,415), both in 18-karat white gold. 220106 Gucci Cabral Scene 21 A 2660Alton wears wool mohair jacket with feathers ($6,535), striped cotton shirt ($920), interlocking G hoop earrings ($600) and Gucci Link to Love stud ring ($2,185) and Gucci Link to Love Striped Ring ($1,595).Gucci 3892Akdeniz wears GG canvas shorts with leather trim ($2,595). Giant wears a Gucci 25H watch ($2,690).220106 Gucci Cabral Scene16 B 1730 72dpiDagsen wore a Double G belt ($695) and a Gucci 25H watch ($2,690).

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