Girl Scouts play a role in Valentine’s Day project

Girl Scouts play a role in Valentine's Day project

Girl Scouts play a role in Valentine’s Day project


Girl Scouts play a role in Valentine’s Day project

The Boy Scouts make cards for the elderly on the island.

Kathy MacDonald said it was a feel-good community service project, a simple outpouring of love.

430 Mercer Island Girl Scouts Service Unit Managers spoke proudly of the Scouts who participated in the organization’s Valentine’s Day challenge and made an impact on senior living community residents with their handmade gifts.

“We need more of this these days,” MacDonald said of the program, which has about 50 scouts for assisted living people living in Sunrise, Aegis, Aljoya, Island House and Covenant Living at the Shores. Seniors make more than 350 Valentine’s Day cards and memory care units.

“It’s a lot of fun doing crafts when we make Valentine’s Day gifts and it’s a good feeling that people look at our Valentine’s Day gifts and are happy. Thinking of other troops doing the same thing together, we can make a huge difference , which is also wonderful,” said Kate deStwolinski, a 13-year-old seventh grader from Unit 45306.

The Scouting 2022 project, initiated by troop leaders and community service coordinators Kara Lucas and Heather Emery, began in January, and the girls completed their gifts on February 6. They work alone from home because the troops are not gathering in person because of COVID-19. Before the pandemic, girls would typically deliver gifts themselves and interact with residents, but this year a group of adults at the facility delivered Valentine’s Day gifts.

Over the past two years, everyone has had to adjust the way they do things, MacDonald said.

“One of the tenets of Girl Scouts is to be flexible at all times. Do everything we can to keep it going and teach girls why we do it,” she added, an uplifting gesture. “I know it brings great joy to residents because I’ve heard from different seniors.”

Lucas and Emory added in a joint quote: “Being part of the Girl Scouts is about serving and connecting with the community. We look forward to doing the Scouting with Heart program again next year. We have received from seniors who enjoyed the cards lovely notes.”

Girl Scouts are about fun, learning, friendship and leadership, MacDonald said, adding that there are 30 soldiers on the island, including about 300 girls in grades K-12.

Some of the Scouts’ other community service projects were the Children’s Toys event during Illuminate MI last December — when they collected enough items to fill five minivans — in partnership with their partner, Mercer Island Presbyterian Church, And doing maintenance work at Robbins Wold Camp on Hood Canal for their campers.

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