Gift Ideas Under S$1000

Gift Ideas Under S$1000

Gift Ideas Under S$1000


After an extensive search, the hard part of sending a loved one is over, and the fun begins. Menswear this season has brought an alternative thrill to many, and the Valentine’s Day capsule is no exception.

Man all over the floor, rejoicing. Here are our top picks to hint at a loved one on Valentine’s Day, or just reward yourself because self-care is just as important as love.

iPhone 13 case by rimova (S$140).

Got a new phone this year? Give your phone accessories a new look with Rimowa’s stylish iPhone 13 cases. Modeled after the texture of a Rimowa suitcase, this understated iteration is the holy grail of phone protection. Its polycarbonate body protects the phone from all scuffs and scratches, while maintaining its ergonomic, easy-grip edges, making it suitable for anyone who’s constantly on the go.

Oblique card holder, by Dior Men (S$530).

Cardholders are a staple that anyone will love. This cardholder with Dior’s signature Oblique motif is a great choice for the modern man. Its jacquard body means it’s virtually scratch free and requires little maintenance; in other words: a great everyday cardholder.

Mexico 66 PF sneakers, by Onitsuka Tiger (S$229).

When we think of Onitsuka Tiger, it’s hard not to think of their iconic Mexico 66 sneakers. For Valentine’s Day, Onitsuka Tiger injected a subtle twist into the design elements of its icons. The original sneaker’s signature hard red and blue lines are replaced with a soft, graffiti-like feel, giving it a unique spin that any sneaker fan can appreciate.

Dégradé champagne flutes (set of two), by Tom Dixon (S$325).

Want a gift to drink? These champagne flutes combine art and household items. The long, streamlined shape – blending black and clear glass in a symphony of gradients – is guaranteed to make pleasure extraordinary.

tie-dye tee, by Balenciaga (S$875).

They say humor is a very attractive trait. Demna’s exploration of anti-fashion goes very deep into this tee, which has a very distinct souvenir shop look, coupled with Balenciaga’s DNA. The entire tee is tie-dyed with a stylized heart in the center, making it a statement gift this season.

leather bracelet by Ferragamo (SGD450).

This braided bracelet features a metal buckle and Salvatore Ferragamo’s signature double Gancio silhouette in the holiday favorite red colorway. Cool and understated, this is a gift accessory for the man who likes to be versatile.

Anagram Bucket Hat, by Loewe (S$735).

This fisherman hat will be eye-catching and make everyone envious. One of our favorite headwear for the season of love, the Bucket Hat is embossed with Loewe Anagram all over the body, making it a pleasure to wear and feel. Textured elements are also backed by a strip of warm natural calfskin for an extra touch of luxury.

Gucci lettering single earring, by Gucci (S$560).

Be the star in her eyes with Gucci’s unmissable crystal earrings. Gorgeous yet subtle, this is a gift for the man who loves to experiment with his style options.

‘Kenzo Tribute’ jumper by Kenzo (S$720).

A tribute to one of fashion’s greatest iconoclasts. Featuring an Andy Warhol-esque Art Nouveau screen print Kenzo Takada’s face, this pullover features a romantic lavender bodice for subtle personality. The loose fit ensures it’s suitable as both loungewear and wear, making it a completely versatile piece.

Bandouliere strap, by Louis Vuitton (S$915).

Tired of your bag rotation but don’t want to buy a new one? Louis Vuitton’s Bandouliere straps are sure to add a pop of color and interchangeability. Even with the signature leather as the body, the strap maintains a sporty look. The eclectic mix of blue and red makes it a unique and ideal gift in our book.

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